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Allied PCB Assembly AS-5TD 30 Minute Delay | 725835-0

SKU: 725835-0
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SKU: 725835-0
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1 year warranty from the manufacturer
1 year warranty from the manufacturer

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SKU: 725835-0
Warranty: 1 year warranty from the manufacturer

Allied 725835-0 PCB Assembly AS-5TD 30 Minute Delay 

HUGE SPA NEWS: this top-tier spa circuit board is 10% off -- as long as our stock holds out against spiking demand!

Seems too good to be true? Don't worry; when it comes to great prices, we've got you! The Allied 725835-0 PCB Assembly AS-5TD is the fully-updated replacement for one of the most common Len Gordon PCBs from Allied Innovations. There's no need to replace your full Len Gordon control if a simple PCB swap is all you need! And lo and behold: the price is likely far lower than you expected to spend. 

Allied 725835-0 PCB Assembly AS-5TD features:

  • Allied Innovations Product Number: 725835-0 PCB
  • Replaces #922994-001 PCBs (Len Gordon)
  • 30 Minute Time Delay
  • Operates 2 pieces of equipment simultaneously

This is the part you're looking for. So why wait? If you get yours before our current stock runs out, you'll take yours home at a steamin' hot 10% off!

This spa PCB has a one (1) year limited warranty supported by Len Gordon/Allied Innovations. Check with the owner's manual for the full details on this industry-leading coverage.

More about the Allied 725835-0 PCB Assembly AS-5TD:
This replacement PCB is meant for Len Gordon controls with the part number 922994-001. This particular model has a 30 minute delay; your previous model was likely 10 minute or had delay functionality. 

This PCB ships with a fully updated, debugged EPROM. 

The 922994-001 control is a compatible replacement for several Len Gordon models, including the 922994-012 AS-5TD-30MM, which has an identical PCB to this one, just inside a different enclosure for the control. 

Not sure if this is the part you need for your Len Gordon control? Contact our hot tub professionals, who will always take some time to help out a customer with some of their hard-earned knowledge on all of our products. 

A consistent, troubleshooting-free spa experience awaits. But remember: this smokin' Allied 725835-0 PCB Assembly AS-5TD is only in stock for 10% off as long as our current inventory lasts. So get yours as soon as you can!

Oh, and another neat thing for our Allied Innovations buyers this month: you'll get access to our exclusive list of deals, discounts and offers. That's even more savings on hot tub parts and supplies! So hop right in to the wild, yet welcoming waters at Wild West Pool Supplies! 

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