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Len Gordon Topside Aqua-Set 2002-2SS - 240V | 930726-516

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Product Information

Len Gordon 930726-516 Topside Aqua-Set 2002-2SS - 240V - 2-Button - 10'

MAJOR SPA SALE ALERT: This six pin topside control panel is a classic model that'll last for years to come, and it's in stock now at a steamin' hot 10% off!

There's no mail in rebate. There's no catch. This is a great, reliable model that has always gotten the best feedback from professional and home buyers alike, waiting for you at 10% off while supplies last! The Len Gordon 930726-516 Topside Aqua-Set is the kind of spa part contractors speak about in hushed tones: the piece so rarely malfunctions, that holds up to such demanding conditions, that it's reputation simply precedes itself.

Product description: Len Gordon 930726-516 Topside Aqua-Set Features:

  • Len Gordon Product Number: 930726-516
  • 6 Pin Connector
  • 10 ft. Power Cable
  • Dimensions: 13"x7"x7"
  • 5/16" Thermostat Probe
  • 240V

These are the right features. And at 10% off, that has to be the right price. So why wait? Get your Len Gordon 930726-516 Topside Aqua-Set at this wild discount before our stock runs dry!

This spa control comes with a one (1) year limited warranty directly from Len Gordon. The included owner's manual fully outlines Len Gordon's industry leading support and claims policies.

More about the Len Gordon 930726-516 Topside Aqua-Set:
This is essentially a retro piece: no finicky functionality, no extremely fine timers or automation. The reason this topside control persists is because it's one of the best units ever made. You want a control that does all the basics, and will keep working for untold years to come? This is the model you need.

Simply plug in to any 6-pin control. That's seriously it. This topside control handles the rest, with a standard 4 button setup and a thermostat knob for fine control from the included thermostat probe.

Are you looking for some advice on whether this topside control is right for you? Don't sweat it! Our spa professionals are always happy to help, so drop 'em a line!

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Availability: In Stock and Ready to Ship!!!
Current Stock:
Shipping Cost: Calculated at Checkout
Weight: 1.00 LBS
MPN: 930726-516
SKU: 930726-516
Warranty: This product has a 1 year warranty from the manufacturer

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Len Gordon topside

Had the correct part, excellent price, fair shipping cost.