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Balboa Control Vs500Z with Topside And Cords | 54216-Z

SKU: 54216-Z
SKU: 54216-Z
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1 year warranty from the manufacturer
1 year warranty from the manufacturer
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MPN: 54216-Z
SKU: 54216-Z
Warranty: 1 year warranty from the manufacturer

The Balboa Control 54216-Z is the perfect control system for your pool or spa. This innovative and reliable product features patented M7™ technology and includes component cords, a control panel, and other advanced features to ensure safe and efficient performance. This device offers 115/230V Pump 1 circuit, 115/230V Ozone circuit, 115/230V Circ Pump circuit (30GPM minimum), 1.4/5.5 kW heater, 12v spa light circuit, plumb on pressure or vacuum side, US & Canadian safety approvals.

This control system has a durable plastic enclosure that ensures water intrusion protection and offers ease of service with connectors built onto the circuit board. The power supply is convertible from 115v to 230v, and there are controls for one two-speed pump or an additional blower or pump. It is also equipped with a 1.4kW/5.5kW heater. It can support mini, duplex, or standard digital control panels. This intuitive system makes it easy to monitor and adjust temperatures in hot tubs while providing reliable performance

  • Number Of Appliances - 1
  • Model - VS500Z
  • Supply Voltage - 115v, 230v - 4 Wire
  • Heater Type - Fixed - Bottom
  • Heater Wattage - 1.375 kW, 5.5k W
  • Included Topside - Lite Duplex digital
  • Circ Pump Ready - Yes 115v, Yes 115v/230v
  • Auxiliary Topside Ready - Yes
  • Fiber Optic - No
  • Accessory Ready - Yes
  • Wi-Fi Compatible - No
  • 50/60 HZ - 60Hz

Additional information:
Alternate Part Numbers - 58-138-2052, BB54216Z