Carvin Jacuzzi® Pump Union, Carvin, 2"s, Qty 2 | 31-1500-22

SKU: 31-1500-22
SKU: 31-1500-22
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This product has a 1 year warranty from the manufacturer
This product has a 1 year warranty from the manufacturer
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SKU: 31-1500-22
Warranty: This product has a 1 year warranty from the manufacturer

Carvin Jacuzzi® 31-1500-22 Pump Union, Carvin, 2"s, Qty 2

SPECTACULAR Jacuzzi® NEWS: this Jacuzzi® pump union is from the brand you know and trust, one of the most popular replacement parts around, and it's available for a limited time at a hot 25% off!

Sound silly? Well, it’s true. The Carvin Jacuzzi® 31-1500-22 Pump Union is a replacement pump union specially designed for Jacuzzi® hot tub pumps. It's simple to install, and built to prevent the splitting issues that likely led you to search for a replacement part in the first place. Splitting is common, we know our customers need a long-lasting part to replace their old components. We know they want to enjoy the peace of mind that they won't return to this part for the foreseeable future. And that's why we're offering this part for the lowest price we can manage: 25% off, no catches, no caveats.

Carvin Jacuzzi® 31-1500-22 Pump Union features:

  • Balboa Product Number: 31-1500-22
  • Package of 2 pump unions
  • 2" diameter
  • Fits most 2" applications

If that's the part you need, let's swing back to that great offer! While supplies last, save 25% on the Carvin Jacuzzi® 31-1500-22 Pump Union. That's 25% off, on a pack of two of these top-quality replacement pump unions!

This pump union pack has a one (1) year limited warranty from Carvin. Please consult the included owner's manual to learn more about this manufacturer supported coverage.

More about the Carvin Jacuzzi® 31-1500-22 Pump Union: 
Spa pumps commonly suffer from nut splitting issues. Due to the need to seal off the nut around the pump union, it isn't as simple as unscrewing a split nut and replacing it with a new one.

The options are to meticulously remove the sealed, broken nut by sawing it off. Or, you can replace the pump union itself.

This part includes only the pump union component itself. If you have issues with the o-ring or gasket already connected to your pump union, you'll need to find the appropriate part numbers to replace for those. 

Have a question about the Carvin Jacuzzi® 31-1500-22 Pump Union? Our hot tub pros have deep, detailed knowledge on all of our products and they'd be happy to help!  

Revitalized spa experiences are in your future. This Carvin Jacuzzi® 31-1500-22 Pump Union 2 pack will simply and efficiently solve your pump leakage issues, so pick yours up before our stock runs out!

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