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Gecko Heat.Wav 4KW 230V Heater w/ Sensors | 9920-101435

SKU: 9920-101435
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SKU: 9920-101435
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1 year warranty from the manufacturer
1 year warranty from the manufacturer

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MPN: 9920-101435
SKU: 9920-101435
Warranty: 1 year warranty from the manufacturer

Gecko 9920-101435 Heat.Wav 4KW 240V Heater XE-4-240-2-INC-IF-T With Sensors 

MAJOR SPA NEWS: this steamin' spa heater is a favorite among our customers, and you can get yours today at an amazing 15% off!

You're always out for a good deal, but you probably didn't expect to find the best one around so soon, huh? This Gecko 9920-101435 Heat.Wav 4KW 230V Heater is one of the very best 4KW choices, with the flow sensor and temperature probe included in this assembly. Your current heater isn't up to the task anymore? No problem. Gecko has you covered, and we're the guys who'll get their top-tier equipment in your hands, fast.

Gecko 9920-101435 Heat.Wav 4KW 240V Heater features:

  • Gecko Alliance Product Number: 9920-101435
  • 4KW
  • 240V
  • 2" Unions
  • Flow Sensor
  • Temperature Probe
  • Housing Diameter: 2"
  • Heater Inlet/Outlet connections: 2"
  • Length: 15"

If you're looking for a 4KW heater, those specs can't be beat. So... how 'bout that crazy discount? You read it right: 15% off, no questions asked! 

This spa heater includes a one (1) year limited warranty. Please consult the the included owner's manual for the full details on the coverage and claims offered directly from Gecko Alliance.

More about the Gecko 9920-101435 Heat.Wav 4KW 240V Heater:
This heater assembly is the appropriate replacement for any spas that use Gecko IN.XE or IN.YE control packs. Brands that often include this component in their complete hot tub assemblies are Emerald Spas, Great Lakes, Polynesian, and Dynasty.

This heater supports alternating 1KW and 4KW functionality with adjustments; it supports 4KW default, right out of the box.

This heater features IN.FLO dry-fire protection, to ensure safe operation even when the spa is fully drained.

Sensors are built directly into the heater assembly, no external parts required. You'll need a pressure switch for operation, or to configure control over alternating currents.

Need more info on this hot tub heater? Let us know! Our team of spa professionals are always happy to help with some keen advice.

It's time to completely restore your warm and wonderful spa experience. But don't wait long to do so! This this steamin' Gecko 9920-101435 Heat.Wav 4KW 240V Heater offer will only hold out at 15% as long as our current stock manages to keep from flying off the shelves!

And there's one more major bonus on deck for you: pick up any Gecko products this month, and we'll let you in on our exclusive slate of offers. That's major savings on spa parts and supplies that we don't publish anywhere else. So dip a toe into the warm, relaxing waters of Wild West Pool Supplies!

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