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Gecko Alliance Control: In.Ye-5 With In.K200 Topside & Amp Cords | BDLYE5K200

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Weight: 1.00 LBS
GTIN: 637509124724

Gecko Alliance Control BDLYE5K200 is a comprehensive control system designed to bring all the necessary components for creating a spa experience into one central device. This system comes equipped with components such as a heater, circuit board, topside panel, and AMP cords. It also features Solid-state water flow detection that eliminates the need to adjust a pressure switch. The IPX5 rated waterproof design ensures that you don't have to worry about any water damage when it's installed in your spa.

The configuration for this control system is preloaded, making it easy and fast to install. In addition, it's compatible with the in.touch WiFi module as well as both 115v and 230v outputs. The standard 2" heater provides optimal performance, while the Aeware keypad cable ensures that everything is connected properly. With all these features, the Gecko Alliance Control BDLYE5K200 makes it easier than ever to set up a spa experience right in your own home.

  • Model -
  • Appliance #1 - 1-spd Pump 115v/230v, 2-spd Pump 115v/230v
  • Appliance #2 - 1-spd Pump 115v/230v, 2-spd Pump 115v/230v, Blower 115v/230v, None
  • Appliance #3 - Blower 115v/230v, None
  • Appliance #4 - None
  • Heater Type - Fixed - Bottom
  • Heater Wattage - 1.0kW/4.0kW
  • Circ Pump Ready - Yes 115v/230v
  • Supply Voltage - 115v/230v
  • GFCI - No
  • Topside Included - in.k200
  • Fiber Optic - No
  • Auxiliary - Yes
  • Wi-Fi Compatible - Yes

Additional information:
Alternate Part Number - GKBDLYE5K200