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Len Gordon Control FF-1094TC 120/240V 20A Without Button | 910106-007

SKU: 910106-007
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SKU: 910106-007
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1 year warranty from the manufacturer
1 year warranty from the manufacturer

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SKU: 910106-007
Warranty: 1 year warranty from the manufacturer

Len Gordon 910106-007 Control FF-1094TC 120/240V 20A Without Button

EXCELLENT NEWS: this hot tub control has top marks in durability and reliability, and it's available for 10% off for a limited time only!

This is not a drill! The Len Gordon 910106-007 Control FF-1094TC is a top recommended option for spa owners looking for a durable control for any 2 pieces of equipment. You're likely on this page because you're looking for this part (or something very close to it!) and we know how often our customers turn to this exact item to solve their spa issues. That's why we're making sure it's available at a fair price!

The Len Gordon 910106-007 Control features:

  • Len Gordon by Allied Innovations Product Number: FF-1094TC
  • 20/240V 20 Amp Circuit
  • 4 function control
  • Operates 2 pieces of equipment with a single air button (sold separately)
  • Supports control distance of up to 150', depending on the limitations of the air button used
  • Appropriate replacement for AI # 910006-001 FF-1000 TC and AI # 910106-001 FF-1094 TC 
  • Neutral required for operation
  • Compatible with blower, single speed pump, and dual speed pump
  • Built-in 24 hour time clock
  • Programmable in increments as low as 15 minutes, with manual override support
  • Includes air tubing

If those specs sound about right, then how about we get back to that special offer? We peeled a solid 10% off on this Len Gordon 910106-007 Control. The offer stands for all of our remaining stock. This item moves fast, so don't wait long!

This spa control includes a one (1) year limited warranty from Allied Innovations, manufacturers of the Len Gordon line. For complete details and claims on this fantastic warranty offer, please consult the owner's manual.

More about the Len Gordon 910106-007 Control FF-1094TC:
This is a programmable control meant for air button-based hot tubs and spas. It controls two pieces of equipment at a time with a single air button, for components meant to function in unison.  With a long control distance of up to 150', it's simple to integrate into almost any spa configuration.

The Len Gordon line is known for using superior materials to ensure years of like-new operation, which is especially key for controls, components that in many use cases may have up to 24 hours of continuous operation per day. This is a manually programmable control, perfectly suited to spa owners who want fine control over an exacting schedule rather than a more complex system that's useful for less set usage times.

Have a question about installing or maintaining the Len Gordon 910106-007 Control? Our team of spa specialists is always happy to help.

Brand new spa experiences are just around the corner. This long-lasting, durable Len Gordon 910106-007 Control deal is a limited time offer, so if you need a replacement control you should act soon!

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