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PAL-2T2, 12v, Color LED Light, 79ft Cord, 2 Wire, N/S | 39-2T254LAU

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Product Information

PAL 39-2T254LAU PAL-2T2, 12v, Color LED Light, 79ft Cord, 2 Wire, N/S

GREAT NEWS: this LED light will give you hundreds of hours of nighttime fun and it's 15% for a limited time.

Been looking for a way to lighten up your nights in your pool? Or do you want to replace those old dull lights? Well, here it is. These beautiful lights will have you wishing you had bought these sooner. With a non-leak water seal, there are no worries about deterioration and breakage. These lights will give you years of fun!

PAL 39-2T254LAU 79 ft PAL-2T2 LED Light features:

  • Non-Leak Water Seal
  • 50,000 hour Lamp Life
  • Color Changing Digital Array
  • Color lock on six different colors
  • Two color change modes
  • Retrofits most existing fiber installations
  • Self synchronizing with PAL-Treo lights
  • Only requires 2.75" of 1.5" straight conduit behind fitting
  • Even Light Distribution
  • Unique flexible molded prismatic lens (adapts to extreme temps)
  • Wide Beam Spread eliminates end shadow
  • Color synchs with Light Streams products
  • Encapsulated Cable Terminations eliminates external cable and water seal heat caused deterioration

Were you looking for a great deal, too? For a limited time, save 15% on the PAL 39-2T254LAU 79 ft PAL-2T2 LED Light while in stock. Hurry though, there may be only a couple remaining ready to ship!

This PAL-Treo has a one (1) year limited warranty from PAL. For a full description of coverage details and claims, refer to the owner’s manual.

More about the PAL 39-2T254LAU 79 ft PAL-2T2 LED Light:
The exclusive design of the PAL-Treo allows for a color lock on one of the six colors featured on the lights. No Earth Bonding required. Imagine illuminating pool or spa in the night. Guaranteed for 50,000 hours so you won't have to worry about constantly replacing them! You can use the color lock, but the PAL 39-2T254LAU 79 ft PAL-2T2 LED Light also features two color change mode and cycling through the entire color six color light available. PAL-Treo lights not only self-synchronize, but they also work with Light Stream products. And the flexible molded lens, means you don’t have to worry about extreme temps!

Have a question about the PAL 79 foot cord PAL-2T2 LED Light? Our lighting product specialists are ready to help.

Beautiful new pool experiences await you today. Go forth. This smokin’ PAL Lighting PAL-2T2 79 Foot Cord Light deal lasts only for a little while longer, so act now!

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Availability: In Stock and Ready to Ship!!!
Current Stock:
Shipping Cost: Calculated at Checkout
Weight: 1.00 LBS
MPN: 39-2T254LAU
SKU: 39-2T254LAU
Warranty: This product has a 1 year warranty from the manufacturer

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