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PAL Lighting Replacement Lens Kit For 2T2/2T4 | 42-RTLS

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PAL Lighting 42-RTLS Replacement Lens Kit for 2T2/2T4

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BIG TIME POOL LIGHTING DEAL ALERT: this pool light replacement lens kit is our top seller for customers looking for properly diffused light, and we have it in stock today at an incredible 15% off MSRP! 

Sound like we're erring a bit on the side of gassin' you up? Not the case, partner, this deal is for real! This PAL Lighting 42-RTLS Replacement Lens Kit for 2T2/2T4 is a semi-opaque, snap-on plastic lens cover, compatible with PAL pool lighting fixtures. That's an industry-leading brand, for the uninitiated. Look, we know how this type of thing goes: you're unhappy with your bright, direct light. Or maybe you already have a diffused light lens, but it got cracked. It's time to spring for a replacement. So why not take advantage of a limited time offer to get it at an incredible price, to boot?

PAL Lighting lens kit features:

  • PAL Lighting product number: 42-RTLS
  • Compatible replacement for PAL Lighting lens covers PAL-2T2, PAL-2T4
  • Diffused light lens
  • Color: Clear 

Those features look about right? Perfect. So how about we dive back into talking about that wild offer? That right: 15% off MSRP, no questions asked, for as long as our current large order of this item stays in stock. But don't wait long. Once these lens kits are out of here -- we've got spa owners breakin' down the door trying to get 'em! -- that deal goes away, too. 

This replacement underwater lens kit ships with a one (1) year limited warranty supported directly by PAL Lighting. Looking for more information on this coverage? Check with the included owner's manual. Wild West is an authorized reseller for PAL Lighting products, so everything you buy here is subject to their manufacturer's coverage.

More about the PAL Lighting 42-RTLS Replacement Lens Kit for 2T2/2T4
This replacement lens kit is a direct replacement for the post-2013 PAL Lighting lenses. These redesigned models eliminate the need for a lens cap entirely. That's a big part of why these newer models provide such aesthetically pleasing, perfectly diffused light.

This specially-designed lens has a unique, "bumpy" modeling that evenly distributes light without notable overly saturated spotting. This is the perfect choice for enhancing pool lighting for night time swimming, especially if used in concert with direct lighting to serve as beacons for swimming underwater. For families who want a balance between safety and aesthetics, this model is hard to beat.

Check your existing PAL Lighting system for 1.5" fittings. These covers should snap directly on as long as your lighting was manufactured after 2013. For older models, please look for matching part numbers in your original owner's manual. Or, match with part numbers PAL-2T2 or PAL-2T4, which his model specifically fits with.

Are you curious to learn more about this amazing pool lighting lens kit? Our pool professionals are on standby, waiting to help you out! Don't hesitate to take advantage of our 30 years of collective knowledge in the pool supply space.

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