Siemens Contactor 110V TPST 50 Amp | 42CF35A1

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SKU: 42CF35A1
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1 year warranty from the manufacturer
1 year warranty from the manufacturer

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SKU: 42CF35A1
Warranty: 1 year warranty from the manufacturer

Siemens 42CF35A1 Contactor 110V TPST 50 Amp

HUGE COMPONENT NEWS: this replacement contactor is from one of the most trusted brands on earth, and it's available now for 15%!

Double take if you must; your eyes do not deceive you! The Siemens 42CF35A1 Contactor 110v is a common component in pool and spa motors for equipment like pumps and mechanical filtration systems. You diagnosed the issue with your equipment, found that it was this highly specialized part, and it turns out we happen to have it in stock at a price you probably didn't expect! 

Siemens 42CF35A1 Contactor 110v features:

  • Siemens Product Number: 42CF35A1
  • 10 HP at 240v
  • 15 HP at 480v/600v
  • Silver Cadmium Oxide contact material
  • 3 poles
  • 50 Ampere

If those specs match your application, here's a quick reminder: you can get your hands on the Siemens 42CF35A1 Contactor 110v for 15% off! This is a limited time offer, so get yours soon to guarantee this great price.

This contactor has a one (1) year limited warranty from Siemens. The included owner's information fleshes out the full details of this top-tier coverage.

More about the Siemens 42CF35A1 Contactor 110v:
The 42CF35A1 is one of the more widely found contactors in small motors of all kinds, not just pool and spa equipment. The storied reputation of Siemens guarantees a top quality product, with great manufacturer support standing behind it.

If your spa pump, pool filter, robotic cleaner, or any other tool driven by a small motor includes part number 42CF35A1 and has an electrical malfunction, this may be the replacement component you need.

Make sure all parts are unplugged and fully de-powered before diagnosing or repairing any motor components. You'll need to analyze the flow of electricity to identify whether your current contactor is the culprit in a failing motor.

Have a question about the Siemens 42CF35A1 Contactor 110v? Pass along your concerns to our pool and spa professionals! We'll be happy to help.

Get your spa and pool small motor equipment back up to speed. Don't delay. This 42CF35A1 Contactor 110v is waiting on our shelves, but only if you get there before someone else does!

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