Speck SwimJet Sys, Speck BADU Stream II, 4.0hp,Square Cover, 2-Jet | SS484-2400M-1SW

SKU: SS484-2400M-1SW
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SKU: SS484-2400M-1SW
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1 year warranty from the manufacturer
1 year warranty from the manufacturer

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Weight: 96.84 LBS
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Height: 25.50
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MPN: SS484-2400M-1SW
SKU: SS484-2400M-1SW
Warranty: 1 year warranty from the manufacturer

Speck SS484-2400M-1SW SwimJet Sys, Speck BADU Stream II, 4.0hp,Square Cover, 2-Jet

BADU Stream II SwimJet System by Speck Pumps The Badu SwimJet systems work by pumping water into the pool through one, two or three large recessed jet nozzles mounted in an underwater housing.

Capable of creating a current of 5000 GPM, the jets can be adjusted to provide resistance for an enjoyable, therapeutic walk, jog or swim, without the harmful pounding and jarring of street exercise. The Badu Jet System acts like a treadmill in the water, offering unlimited long distance swimming. The Badu Stream II system is normally incorporated into the design, but it can be added to any pool at a later date.

The Badu Stream II has no protruding parts ensuring pool users’ safety. All Badu Stream II systems include control box with air button and 50 ft. air tubing. 4” or 3” plumbing is required, depending upon the package chosen.

Features and Benefits: Water Treadmill - Swim Spa System - Swim Against a Steady Current! Easy Installation for in-ground & above-ground pools 2 Jet System - Adjustable water flow jet nozzles Speck 4 HP self-priming, plastic pump UL Listed, single phase with thermal overload (no motor starter required) Flush mounted jet housing Air regulator controls amount of air bubbles in water flow Control box with GFCI Square anti-entrapment cover provides undetectable suction (8 1/4” x 8 1/4”) Product Includes: 1 BADU Stream II Swim Jet pool pump system with 2 jet housings 1 Model 21-80/33GS 4.0hp pump Control Box

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