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Water Ace Pump Impeller Rsp15 1-1/2 HP | 25054B003

SKU: 25054B003
SKU: 25054B003
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Weight: 0.30 LBS
MPN: 25054B003
SKU: 25054B003
Warranty: 1 year warranty from the manufacturer

Water Ace 25054B003 Pump Impeller RSP15 1-1/2 HP

MAJOR NEWS FOR SPA OWNERS IN NEED OF REPAIRS: this replacement pump impeller will get your ailing Water Ace right back to like-new functionality, and it just so happens to be on sale for a smokin' hot 15% off!

You're in the market for a relatively niche replacement part. You might've even worried you'd have to replace your entire pump. Worry no more! The Water Ace 25054B003 Pump Impeller RSP15 1-1/2 HP the custom-molded, official replacement impeller component you need to repair your Water Ace RSP. There's no bones about it; this is the part you need. And we've made sure to get it to you at the lowest price possible. 

Water Ace 25054B003 Pump Impeller RSP15 1-1/2 HP features: 

  • Water Ace Product Number: 25054B003
  • Compatible replacement for Water Ace RSP15
  • 1-1/2 HP
  • 0.30 LBS

These specs match up for you? Perfect! Then let's get right back to the best part of all this: You'll save an incredibly wild 15% off on this replacement Water Ace impeller! But don't delay. This deal is only on our current warehouse stock. Once we run out, so does this incredible offer!

This replacement pump impeller has a one (1) year limited warranty from Water Ace. Consult the owner's manual for complete details on coverage and claims. 

More about the Water Ace 25054B003 Pump Impeller RSP15 1-1/2 HP:
The Water Ace RSP15 is a perennial choice for new and renovated spa builds alike. Part of our mission statement at Wild West Pool Supplies is to make sure we source stock of important replacement parts like this as often as possible, and with the popularity of the Water Ace, we jump on the opportunity to stock up on replacement impellers.

Before purchasing this item, confirm that you own the specific Water Ace model RSP15. Other versions of the Water Ace will not fit the impeller part number 25054B003.

Note: when diagnosing issues with your Water Ace pump to discover whether you need a replacement impeller, first remove any buildup you can from the impeller area. Buildup is the most common cause of issues in this area of the pump, and could save you the cost of getting a replacement too early.

Got any questions about whether this part is right for you? Need help installing or maintaining it? Our staff is always happy to help! Please, don't hesitate to drop us a line on any questions you might have.

Don't let a flagging spa pump drag down your hot tub experience. It's time to upgrade a part -- not an entire pump! But don't wait too long. This replacement Water Ace pump impeller is only available for this amazing 15% off offer as long as we can keep our currently sourced inventory in stock.

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