Waterco Tool, Multi-Tork, Floor Inlet Socket | MT-1005

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SKU: MT-1005
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1 year warranty from the manufacturer
1 year warranty from the manufacturer
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Weight: 0.82 LBS
Width: 7.40
Height: 1.95
Depth: 4.85
MPN: MT-1005
SKU: MT-1005
Warranty: 1 year warranty from the manufacturer

Waterco MT-1005 Tool, Multi-Tork, Floor Inlet SocketThe Model MT-1005 has pins on both sides which align with the tooling divots found in commercial pool floor returns, or inlets as they are sometimes called. To conduct a pressure check on a commercial pool for suspected leaks, the pool's floor returns have to be removed and the connecting pipes plugged. This has to be done with water in the pool. Because time and chemical reactions can produce stubborn, unyielding returns, Leak detecting divers can use up a lot of expensive oxygen removing them. The normal procedure for removing stubborn commercial pool returns prior to resurfacing the pool is to chip around the return and cut the entire fitting away using a power saw. Using the MT-1005 in both situations described above saves resurfacing and leak detection services an incredible amount of time, effort and money. Convenient 3/8" drive Fast removal of Sta-Rite, CMP, AquaStar, and Hayward floor inlets Helps convert Sta-Rite to Hayward Secures Hayward 1425 to threaded pope Helps secure floor deflectors to Lass floor inlet extenders Durable stainless steel construction