Waterway Escutcheon: Snap-Tite Chrome (2 Pieces) | ST1970CH

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1 year warranty from the manufacturer
1 year warranty from the manufacturer

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Waterway ST1970CH Escutcheon: Snap-Tite Chrome (2 Pieces)

STEAMIN' HOT SPA NEWS: these beautiful spa escutcheons are one of our most requested items in this category, and they're in stock now at a wild 25% discount!

There's no catch; we just do our best to make sure our customers get access to the best prices available whenever we can. The Waterway ST1970CH Escutcheon: Snap-Tite Chrome has broad mounting compatibility, easy installation, and most importantly, looks incredible. You decided it was time to take the look of your hot tub to the next level. We hear you!

Waterway ST1970CH Escutcheon: Snap-Tite Chrome features:

  • Waterway Product Number: ST1970CH
  • Diameter: 5"
  • 2 pieces with Snap-Tite interlocking tabs
  • Compatible with 1.9" OD Tube/Rail
  • Heavy duty plastic with chrome-style coating

This thing has a look that simply can't be beat. So let's get back to the other great thing about all this: that wild price! For a limited time, you'll save a smokin' 25% on this Waterway ST1970CH Escutcheon: Snap-Tite Chrome set.

This spa escutcheon has a one (1) year limited warranty from Waterway. Please check with the owner's manual for a full description of coverage and claims.

More about the Waterway ST1970CH Escutcheon: Snap-Tite Chrome:
Escutcheons, in the context of spas, usually refer to the shielding and cosmetic mounts around the jets.

Often these pieces are somewhat drab; off-white, gray, generally not drawing much attention to themselves. For some intended designs, that's actually perfect; the eye is meant to be drawn elsewhere.

However, for those who want accents with a bit more punch, you'll be hard pressed to do better than a beautiful chrome gleam around your jets. And this particular piece is made of an incredible heavy-duty plastic that resists wear, along with a chrome-style coating that simply refuses to corrode.

This piece has extremely broad compatibility. It should easily fit around the common 1.9" OD Tube/Rail setup.

Have a question about the Waterway ST1970CH Escutcheon: Snap-Tite Chrome? Let us know! Our hot tub professionals will happily help you out.

More striking hot tub experiences are in your future. So don't delay. This steamin' hot Waterway ST1970CH Escutcheon: Snap-Tite Chrome offer is limited to our current stock!

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