Waterway Led Aqua Waterfall Light, Low Profile 8" | 675-4908L

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Waterway 675-4908L LED Aqua Waterfall Light, Low Profile 8"

EXCELLENT NEWS: this spa waterfall light is a beautifully unique way to enhance the luxurious vibe of your hot tub, and we've cut 15% off the price!

That seem like a bit much? Don't worry, we're always serious about our incredible prices. The Waterway 675-4908L LED Aqua Waterfall Light is a low-effort installation with high visual returns, pushing water through a flat opening with light backing it to create an unforgettable sight for your guests. You woke up this morning with that unique ache that hot tub owners everywhere know so well: I need to up my spa game to the next level. This, undeniably, is the perfect way to achieve just that. 

Waterway 675-4908L LED Aqua Waterfall Light features: 

  • Waterway Plastics Product Number: 675-4908L
  • LED lighting
  • 8" opening to push water through
  • Plastic blue LED front
  • Stainless steel main body

And we know that even though this is the right part, you want to make sure you get it at the right price. Rest assured, this is the right price: For a limited time, save 15% on the Waterway 675-4908L LED Aqua Waterfall Light.

This hot tub waterfall LED light has a one (1) year limited warranty from Waterway Plastics. Consult the owner's manual included with this item for full details on this direct-from-manufacturer coverage and support. 

More about the Waterway 675-4908L LED Aqua Waterfall Light:
Waterway Plastics are responsible for countless dependable spa products that our customers regularly provide the greatest feedback possible on. This waterfall light is no exception.

With an 8" flow opening, you'll have the perfect smaller LED-lit waterfall to accent your spa. This particular model comes with a clear plastic escutcheon that the LED light filters through, lighting not just the water but the escutcheon itself in a clean, classy fashion.

Waterway Plastics waterfall lights use your existing spa water reservoir to supply the water for the falling effect. It's a magical, cascading look that really can't be matched by similar waterfall effects from other brands. 

Have a question about the Waterway 675-4908L LED Aqua Waterfall Light? Our hot tub specialists are always up for passing along some advice on installation, repair, maintenance, or any other questions you might have.

Magical hot tub experiences are coming your way. So please: go forth. This steamin' hot Waterway 675-4908L LED Aqua Waterfall Light deal is limited to our current stock only, however, so get yours today! 

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Availability: In Stock
Current Stock:
Shipping Cost: Calculated at Checkout
Weight: 1.00 LBS
MPN: 675-4908L
SKU: 675-4908L
Warranty: This product has a 1 year warranty from the manufacturer

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