Features of Automatic Fill Valves

There are certain pool parts that are crucial to keeping the whole system running smoothly. Auto fill float valves and water levelers are first on that list. These components save hours of mundane supervision by automatically signaling that a desired water level has been reached. With an auto leveler, you won’t need to constantly check the water line or manually fill or drain the pool.

Pool auto fillers work by being mounted at an equalizer line and connected to a standard garden hose. Then when the desired water volume is reached, the float sensor will trigger an automatic water shut-off, and your pool will be at your optimal level. You can also create custom settings so you can raise or lower your water levels based on specific situations. Typically, pool owners keep water levels at the midpoint of the skimmer mounting point.

If you’re not sure where to start, here are a few of our popular levelers:

Stetson SD 1-2 ATF 1/2" Water Leveler Float Valve Auto Fill Standard PVC is a short, simple auto fill valve. It has a bulb-type configuration that allows it to check levels from a very short range, making it a good option for swimming pools with little room for a float valve to operate in a concealed space.

Water Leveler & Parts RM153BK Float Valve w/ 6" Extension Arm is a modular version with an optional 6" extension arm. This option allows for greater accuracy in fill levels and can fit into a narrower, discreet space if necessary.

American Products 48111000 Float Valve Assembly Rep w/4310-020 is perfect for small, shallow pools. The bulb is vertically oriented, with a short-throw arm. This item can fit in the tiniest of spaces, though minor accuracy is lost due to the size. For casual home use that doesn't require millimeter perfect water levels, it's a perfect fit.

Super Pro 25504-009-000 Water Leveler Tan | (1",1.5",2" Hole) is a modern take on the pool water leveling concept. This is a more complex unit, with a barrel-type shape, that takes in water itself to calculate the perfect water level. For cleaning systems that require extremely exacting water level standards, this is the way to go.

Stetson SDI 3-8 ATF 3/8" Water Leveler Auto Fill Float Valve Standard PVC is a smaller, classic automatic water leveler valve with a PVC bulb construction. This item is meant for use across multiple projects, from pools, to spa water, to fountains to larger bird feeders.

Auto fill float valves are a crucial innovation for pool owners as they help to automate pool maintenance. There are many different choices available, each fulfilling a different need.

Browse through our collection of high quality valves that are built to last at Wild West Pool Supplies. If you have any questions on maintaining consistent water levels in your in-ground pool, reach out to our expert support team for help.