Dolphin Pool Cleaner Parts Features

Choosing the right pool cleaner is often a difficult task. There are so many options, and so many different environments for pools -- indoor, outdoor, saltwater, chlorine, and more -- that it's not always clear what each pool owner needs. It's a crucial decision to make from several perspectives. Certain cleaning options might not last long in particular pools, costing the owner in unnecessarily fast replacements. So once you choose the right cleaner, it's crucial to be able to maintain it at a low cost.

Thankfully, Maytronics Dolphin provides top-of-the-line pool cleaner parts for most use cases. Their replacement bags, power supplies and more are all rated with perpetually high customer feedback. It's the perfect balance between cost and utility. Whether customers need standard replacements for disposable components, or the rare emergency replacements for specific internal components, Maytronics makes sure all of these options are available. 

Maytronics Dolphin 9995670-US-ASSY Pool Cleaner Power Supply is the official replacement power supply for the popular Nautilus Plus Robotic Pool Cleaner. This is the safest option to guarantee you don't replace your old power supply with a faulty third party option. Simply plug in a standard AC cable and your robotic cleaner is back to full operation!

Maytronics 9991440-ASSY Wonder Disposable Bags is a five pack of bags for your Wonder or Dolphin pool cleaner. These bags are built to handle the roughest pool environments, but when they're full, they're designed for replacement. This pack of five will last through at least a season of pool cleaning, if not more. 

Maytronics 9995269 Impeller & Screw is rarely required by most Maytronics customers, due to the quality of the component. However, the nature of impellers means sometimes unavoidable issues happen, such as a tree branch or a rock finding its way in and causing damage. Don't replace the whole part! Maytronics provides low-cost impeller replacements like this one.

Maytronics Dolphin 99956035-US-ASSY Advanced Power Supply is perfect as a replacement or backup PSU for a range of Dolphin pool cleaners. This item is compatible with over a dozen different pool cleaner models. This includes popular lines like the Discovery, Mercury, and Quantum.

Maytronics 99955954-ASSY Wheel Tube Assy Complete 2X2/21R TT is a likely key for getting most Dolphin pool cleaners back to moving like they did when they were brand new. This simple drop-in wheel tube replacement easily addresses issues caused by your Dolphin cleaner taking on wear from years of operation. Why pay for a replacement pool cleaner when new wheels are all you need?

Maytronics 6101604 Single Brush w/3295-088 is a necessarily common replacement part. This is the PVC brush that wraps around the wheel tube, making it an expected area that receives regular wear and tear. Even before replacing the full wheel tube assembly, first consider whether a simple PVC brush array replacement is all your ailing Dolphin cleaner needs. 

As you can see from the list above, Maytronics provides a diverse range of replacement Dolphin pool cleaner parts. Wild West Pool Supplies makes sure to keep as many of these components in stock as possible -- and not just the big sellers! We want our customers to be able to check with our stock and find even the most obscure replacement Maytronics Dolphin parts as often as we can possibly manage.

We love when customers choose us to buy their brand new pool cleaners. But we're about keeping buyers with us long-term, not upselling them all at once when a simple repair is all that's required. That's why we make replacement parts such a focus of our business. As part of that mission, we've come up with a special list of rotating offers at the lowest prices we can offer. These deals are below MSRP, to the point that we can't publish many of them directly on our website! So, take home any Maytronics Dolphin components this month, and you'll also receive access to these aforementioned secret offers. Don't delay! Take a big dive into the crisp, cool waters of Wild West Pool Supplies today!