Maintenance Equipment Features

Maintaining a clean and safe pool environment is essential, and Wild West Pool Supplies is here to help with our extensive selection of pool maintenance equipment. We offer a wide range of tools and accessories from top brands like Pentair, PoolStyle, Hayward, and Polaris, designed to make your pool maintenance tasks a breeze.

Our maintenance equipment includes:

• Pool skimmers and leaf rakes: Easily remove leaves, debris, and other unwanted objects from your pool's surface.
• Vacuum heads and hoses: Keep your pool floor spotless with our selection of vacuum heads and hoses, designed for both manual and automatic pool cleaners.
• Telescopic wands: Extend your reach with our durable telescopic poles, perfect for attaching to skimmers, brushes, and vacuum heads.
• Water testing kits and strips: Monitor your pool's water chemistry with our easy-to-use testing kits and strips, ensuring a safe and balanced swimming environment.
• Pool maintenance kits: Get everything you need for basic pool maintenance in one convenient package, including skimmers, brushes, vacuum heads, and more.

Shop Wild West Pool Supplies for all your pool maintenance equipment needs and keep your pool looking pristine all season long.