Spa Ozone Generator Benefits

Ozonators are a type of spa cleaner that uses UV light or corona discharge to generate ozone gas into a hot tub. This eliminates impurities without the use of traditional pool sanitization chemicals. Ozone gas targets bacteria, viruses, and breaks down many harmful chemical structures. It works best in conjunction with a spa sanitizer, a more traditional cleaning device that introduces chlorine or bromine into the water.

When these systems are used together, your water will require a smaller amount of chemicals, meaning less bromine or chlorine will be needed to keep your water chemistry balanced. Using an ozonator will result in cleaner, safer water because a cycle of ozone will break down clumps of both chemicals that often bond to contaminants. This means less hands-on maintenance, less frequent shocking, and more time for hot tub owners to relax and enjoy their experience.

Popular Sanitizers, Ozonators & Parts

Pioneer H2O Genesis Bromine Generator Electrode Assembly is a replacement for the electrode element of your bromine-based sanitizer. If your Genesis bromine generator is having issues introducing bromine into your hot tub's water, it’s likely the sensitive materials of the electrode element are corroded. If that’s the case, this is the cost-effective replacement you need.

Ultra Pure 3901822 Replacement Bulb UPS350 replaces the bulb for the popular UltraPure ozonator. Many models use similar bulbs with a limited lifespan and simple swap-in replacement. Unlike electrode elements, these bulbs usually stop working entirely rather than stepping down in viability over time. It's a good idea to keep an extra bulb or two on hand so you can quickly replace after diagnosing a bulb issue.

Del Ozone ECS-1RPOZM-DV Spa Eclipse Ozone Generator CD Dual Voltage With MJJ Cord is the official AC adapter with guaranteed compatibility for the common Spa Eclipse ozonator line. It takes a bit of power  to make a top-quality ozonator work, so having an extra AC adapter on hand to guarantee no interruptions is highly recommended.

Ultra Pure 1006520 UPS350 120V Ultra Pure Spa Ozonator 4-Pin Amp is a great choice for first-timers looking for an easy-to-install ozonator that works for most common home configurations. Good for processing up to 600 gallons of water at a time, it's the perfect fit for regular spa users who don't need an industrial-level ozone solution.

Spa Sanitation Systems 76508 Dyno-3-Zone Ozone Generator is built to last with a UV lamp rated at 4000 hours of continuous usage. It comes with all required tubing, and has a high-tech look that exposes the bulb -- giving your hot tub a sleek visual appeal alongside the industry-leading ozonator functionality.

Spa Builders 6-05-0037 Air Pump Ozone 120V 60HZ Without Housing is a replacement pump for SBSG #6-05-0045, commonly seen in ozonator brands that use Allied Innovations parts. These rugged pumps rarely fail, but if some kind of physical damage happens to yours, this part may be the answer.

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