Features of Spa Pressure Switches

The pressure switch is a key safety feature for any home or commercial hot tub configuration. They detect pressure changes and send signals to cut off operations of spa parts that exhibit abnormal behavior.

They most commonly detect pressure changes in heating components that can lead to overheating. The pressure switch will immediately stop operation of the heater; this can save other hot tub parts from further damage and keep your guests safe. The control panel will show an error code so owners know why the tub stopped. Once the problematic spa heater is repaired, the setup should work again.

Choosing the right hot tub pressure switch starts with choosing a brand that is noted for reliable functionality. Here are some customer favorites: Balboa, Pentair, Hydroquip, Tecmark, Delta, Len Gordon, and PresAir.

You'll want to match the amps to the power demands of your existing setup. Choosing the right PSI level is also important for ensuring your switch has the right cutoff thresholds; smaller scale home spas will need a different level than larger commercial spas.

Here are some popular models:

Balboa 30408 Pressure Switch 3 Amp SPST 1/8" NPT TDI 3709 is a common option for home hot tubs. It fits into the 1/8" thread fixtures commonly associated with popular Balboa-based configurations. The simple screw and snap installation is great for DIY owners.

HydroQuip 34-0178 Pressure Switch 1 Amp - SPST - 1/8" NPT is for simpler home configurations, given the 1 amp build. HydroQuip Spa Packs are a common solution for owners that prefer streamlined, minimalist tubs rather than feature-packed builds.

Tecmark 3035 Pressure Switch 25 Amp .125" MPT SPNO 1-10 PSI is a heavy-duty option. If you have a powerful hot tub heater or a commercial spa, you'll need some muscle to match in your pressure switch. High limit thresholds are normal for heating large amounts of water, and this model gets the job done.

Delta Ultraviolet 70-02315 Pressure Switch, 1/2 PSI is a low PSI pressure switch. It’s common for many popular spa kits, so if the Delta brand and this particular product number match, this is likely the replacement part you need. Because of how power routes through this style of spa, a faulty pressure switch is a likely culprit for a power failure.

Len Gordon 800140-7 Pressure Switch Universal - 6 Amp is designed for mid-sized tubs. It has a 3 terminal design with innovative anti-corrosion plastic transit casing. The 1/8" thread is a relatively universal replacement for many different types of spa kits.

Pres Air Trol PM11120A Pressure Switch SPDT Threaded Stem is another model meant for broad compatibility. The SPDT configuration and  threaded stem makes for easy mounting in countless spa styles. When replacing, consult your owner's manual and match the specifications for your existing pressure switch with this model.

Most spa pressure switches follow a similar approach to installation. Screw in the usually 1/8" threaded mounting point. Snap in the top of the pressure switch casing if the brand matches your kit. That should create a safe seal to avoid water getting into the sensitive sensor components within the casing. Most professionals recommend finishing installation with plumber's tape, as a last line of defense.

Before replacing your switch, consider checking for corrosion. Demanding environments can cause seams to open up, which allows corrosion to occur. Cleaning the contacts of your switch, then testing whether the shut off occurs at the right point could save you from needing a replacement just yet.

Keep your water pressure running smooth and your spa operating safe with hot tub pressure switches. Save when you shop with Wild West Pool Supplies and contact our team of experts if you’re not quite sure what you need.