Types of Spa Jet Parts You'll Need

Mounted jets keep the water flowing from all around your tub at varying pressures and speeds, creating an environment that’s comforting and therapeutic. From simple arrangements that just keep the water flowing, to massage jets that target specific muscles and body parts for treatment, the sky's the limit when it comes to creating the perfect level of comfort.

From jet internal parts to covers, Wild West has you covered. Here are the critical components you'll need:

Jet Bodies

Spa jet bodies are the heavy, often PVC housing that connects to the water source itself. Some require assembly, while most are unibody cuts that "snap in" to the connecting pipe and seal off with rings and gaskets. You can choose exacting measurements for the connecting portion of the hot tub jet body or go with a multiple size design that covers the most common pipe sizes.


Hot tub jet rings work alongside the heater gaskets to seal off the connection between the jet housing and your water source. Many housings come with their own rings, but replacements are sometimes necessary due to the high pressure and temperature of this sealing point.


Spa jet fittings or inserts are the components mounted inside the jet body that release the water pumped through the jet. They are usually adjustable, allowing the user to manually rotate the nozzle to change the direction of water flow. The internal connective tubing is flexible plastic, while the exit spout is either heavy-duty plastic or non-corrosive metal. Depending on whether you simply need water flow or prefer a more therapeutic design, fittings range from single-spout concepts to clusters of nozzles.


Spa jet gaskets are often rubber and are used with the ring to seal off a jet from leaks. The gasket's material tends to have some give so that it can complete the seal without cracking. Given this more flexible material, gaskets will need to be replaced over time. If you find a leak around your hot tub jet, you’ll want to check the gasket first.


Hot tub jet escutcheons are the pieces mounted around the nozzle that seal the gap between the jet body and the tub surface itself. Because they have a major impact on the overall look of your spa, there are countless options available. You can choose from different nozzle sizes, colors and surface materials to get the look you want for your spa.

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