Balboa Hot Tub Heaters Features

If there is one component that defines what makes the spa experience special, it's the heater. All the pumps and jets in the world can't provide the ample luxury of evenly and properly heating water at the perfect temperature. These are sensitive parts, however, and that requires paying attention to quality. They need properly shielded and sealed enclosures. They need sensitive filaments that perform at a high level for years before needing replacement. It's a tough space to design for -- but the engineers at one hot tub component company in particular seem to have all the answers.

Balboa heaters are mainly focused on the in-line heater space. These are literal pipes that are installed right in-line with the existing plumbing. These configurations mount all the required sensors. They have a pressure switch built in -- the crucial component that keeps your hot tub safe for human use, by sending signals to shut down components in a fraction of a second. The moment something seems out of control, from water pressure to heat levels, you can depend on Balboa heaters to leap into action without hesitation. Let's take a look at several of our customers' favorite Balboa components for heating spas.

Balboa 58104 Heater Assembly 4.0KW EL2000 with Sensors is one of the standard "Flo-Thru" options suggested to most home spa owners. This 4.0 KW model has high compatibility with most spa components. It has all the crucial sensors built in directly. EL2000 systems support this item as a drop-in replacement.

Balboa 50142 Lite Leader Heater 4.0KW 240V 15" x 2" with Pressure Switch is a large 15" in-line heater. This model can be used on many configurations, but it's specifically designed as a drop-in replacement for the Catalina Spas Lite Leader System. The included 2" slip makes it an easy install compared to many in-line heaters on the market, with the ability to snap in directly to PVC pipes without additional components.

Balboa 50071 Heater Assembly Flo Thru 5.5KW 240V 15" x 2" with Pressure Switch is a bronze-colored favorite. This model is for hot tubs with a bit more muscle. The 5.5 KW flow-through design handles larger home and commercial spas without breaking a sweat. If the standard 4.0 KW models aren't up to the task, Balboa still has you covered.

Balboa 58117 Heater 4.0KW 240V 15" with Mounting Studs & M-7 Sensors is for home spa owners looking for a bit more stability for their heaters. This model is still an in-line design overall, but it includes extra mounting hardware to anchor it to a surface. This is great for pipe fitting designs that are looser going into the heater itself, so this item can affix itself to a stable surface instead.

Balboa 50067 Heater Assembly 4.0KW 240V 15" X 2" with Pressure Switch is the perfect option for hot tub owners looking for a simple heater for their smaller spa configurations. This item includes all the needed components, including the pressure switch. But it lacks mounting studs or heavy anchoring hardware. If you need a light heater that mounts seamlessly wherever you need it to -- including freely floating between two pipes -- this is your best bet.

Balboa are the reigning champions for in-line spa heaters. Their parts are dependable. When they do fail due to damage, they're incredibly easy to repair. That's why we reward our most discerning customers who choose Balboa parts. This month, if you buy any Balboa pool heater, you'll also receive access to our monthly discount list. These are great prices that you won't be able to find published directly on our website. Why? Because they're too far below MSRP to publish! So why wait? It's time to lean back and relax in the welcoming waters of Wild West today!