Balboa Control Panels Features

Hot tub topside control panels are the element that puts the final touch on your spa configuration. This is the "brains" of your hot tub: the part that allows you to fully customize your hot tub. If you're after luxury, you'll want the finest levels of fine tuning and scheduling that your carefully-chosen components can possibly provide.

But not everybody needs the same level of control. Some spa users prefer simplicity, such as two three buttons that control only the broadest aspects of heating and cycling water. Other spa owners prefer extremely fine-tuned control with eight buttons and complex scheduling system to match. Balboa Water Group provides options covering this entire range, as well as everything in between. Their Paizo sensor-equipped components reliably facilitate the most pleasant hot tub experiences possible. 

Balboa 53238 Mini Oval Heat Jacket 4 Button Topside Control is the perfect match for the average hot tub configuration. With four buttons, heat controls, and compatibility with all Balboa PCBs, this panel covers basic options while allowing for higher levels of control than the most streamlined panels. The heat jacket helps this panel stand up to thousands of hours of harsh temperatures.

Balboa 52487 Topside VL200 Mini Oval Control Panel is similar to the 53238, but simplifies the control panel to a simple three button configuration. If all you need is to quickly toggle JETS, TEMP and LIGHT with a single press, this panel is perfect for your needs. It is a drop-in replacement for the Great Lakes Topside Control that shares the part number 52487.

Balboa 55123 Topside Digital Mini Oval LCD Panel VS/GS500 is a four button panel with an additional heads-up display. This simple information screen provides only the most crucial information, such as temperature. The phone connector style is perfect for many older hot tub systems.

Balboa 53645 MVP260 Topside LCD Gray (P/B/L) is the gray version of a panel that provides similar functionality to the 53238, with an added LCD display. It includes a foam and rubber gasket that seals off the gap between the control and the shell. This drastically extends the life of this model for most spa configurations.

Balboa 54116 Lite Leader Digital Topside (2 Button) is the ultra-streamlined model referenced above. For those looking for the least finicky spa experience, this is the perfect match. Just two buttons -- temperature and jets -- that control the most crucial functions of your hot tub.

Balboa 53565 Digital VL240 / MVP240 Topside Control Panel is the premium, light grey alternative to the 55123. BLOWER, JETS, TEMP and LIGHT buttons provide fine control, supported by the digital display. For spas that require quick access to blower control, this panel gives that extra layer of functionality to give your spa the perfect finishing touch.

Balboa Water Group makes top quality topside control panels and parts. Our customers give us incredible feedback on all of their items. That's why we keep a large stock of all of their available products on hand at all times. Balboa topside control panels, in particular, are a perfect match of sleek design and dependable functionality. Balboa's innovative sealing systems in particular are a mark of quality; these components last our customers for many years after their initial purchase.

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