Balboa Spa Jet Parts

Balboa Water Group is one of the leading names in hot tub and pool components, and Balboa Spa Jet Parts are no exception to their reputation. Balboa are known for providing a top-to-bottom, all encompassing spa offering to the point that they sell kits for homeowners to put together their own hot tubs without buying parts from another brand. But don't worry about their broad appeal; every one of their many component categories is market by quality, including their jet parts.

They carry a wide range of options, such as jet covers, escutcheons, and adjustable nozzles. With a wide range of compatibility, there are few hot tubs of almost any style that couldn't benefit from one of Balboa's offerings.

Balboa 10-3955WHT Slimline Spa Jet Escutcheon Kit White is a low-profile, simple decorative cover that matches perfectly with almost any spa that focuses on white fixtures. This includes the escutcheon, nozzle, and o-ring to get you started with a classic hot tub look.

Balboa 10-3955-BON Slimline Jet Bone Escutcheon Assembly is more of a balance between bold and classic, with a more prominent rounded look to the main escutcheon portion of the component. The bone white color brings a different flavor along with it, as well, so get out those color swatches and decide if this eye-catching accent matches your hot tub needs!

Balboa 10-3955-BIS Slimline Jet Biscuit Escutcheon Assembly is the counterpoint to the above model, going back to a more classic flat design while retaining the intriguing bone white color. Hot tub owners can decide whether to use the included jet eyeball with matching bone white coloration, or to go with a contrast using an existing jet component.

Balboa 28040-PB Jet Polished Brass Escutcheon is the way to go if matching tile or ceramic with plastic -- often the "default" spa look -- isn't right for you. This polished brass look definitely draws the eye, giving off luxurious vibes that you simply don't get with plastic. When you're looking for your guests to stop, mouth agape, and say "wow" when they see your spa, you can't do much better than brass accents like these.

Balboa 10-3955M PC Slimline Escutcheon Metal Chrome is another fashionable jet part for those looking for a more striking, modern look. This chrome piece holds up to the rigors of hot tubs, from cleaning solutions to the high temperatures, looking beautiful with minimal cleaning required.

Balboa 50-5835WHT Jet Eyeball Assembly AF Mark II White Slimline Adjustable is just the replacement eyeball assembly for the hugely popular AF Mark II jet from Balboa. This goes beyond the escutcheons or covers, serving as the full eyeball nozzle as well as the assembly that connects to the jet piping hidden inside the inner workings of your hot tub. If you're looking to switch to white, or simply need a replacement, this part is the way to go. 

These are just a few of the very top tier of Balboa Spa Jet Parts available from Wild West. We always have a diverse stock of these on hand, to make sure our customers have many options to choose from to get their spa looking -- and functioning! -- as close to perfection as humanly possible. And don't think we don't take notice when our customers show off their discerning tastes!

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