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Finding the Right Spa Suction Covers

Suction covers and return fittings are an essential part of your filtration system. The most common configuration of this spa part is a heavy-duty plastic piece covered in holes on the top and sides. This type is specially designed to filter out large debris and hair before it enters the drainage or filtering areas of your hot tub.

A high-quality cover will prevent costly drain clogging and extend the life of your filtration components. While most spas require hi-flow models that can handle large amounts of water passing through quickly, some are adjustable and allow the rate of water passing through to be intentionally slowed. This is another helpful method of giving filters a helping hand.

Wild West always makes sure to source as many of the top and most requested models of these products. See below for a breakdown of the popular options available in our collection.

Popular Spa Drain Covers & Return Fittings

GG Industries 30133-WH White Suction Cover is a discontinued item that was hugely popular and still appears in many jacuzzis. For customers who don't want to switch to a different model, Wild West makes sure to keep these available. This is the full assembly with all required components, including the front wall fittings, gasket, and back wall fitting.

Waterway Suction Cover 3.5" Hi-Flo White | 642-3250 V is built to handle large amounts of water, with a wall flow rating of 128 GPM. It has a more modern look and is flatter than older suction fitting styles. For those looking to update their fixtures, this is a great option.

Balboa 30173U-WHT GG Industries Suction Cover, 3 3/4", White, 124 GPM (VGB 2008) is the replacement for a previous Balboa design, which had the two mounting screws going in at an angle. This new model offers an updated design that anchors itself with two screws going straight in, yet retains compatibility with the old style mounting.

Waterway 640-3250 V 1.5" Slip Hi Flo Suction Assembly White is a commercial-quality wall-mounted suction assembly, meant to screw into an existing drainage wall fitting. Screw directly into a 1.5" grommet to benefit from this 20 GPM indoor/outdoor ready fitting.

Hydrabaths 203617 Chrome Suction Cover is the perfect choice for hot tub owners who aren't going for the standard white/off-white plastic look. This drain cover is low-profile, with a gleaming chrome finish.

Sundance Spas 6540-142 - 2" Filter Pipe Suction Fitting w/ Jam Nut, Gray is a unique product because it’s an internal part that isn’t visible from outside. While it can be paired with an external fitting, this filter pipe version mounts inside your Sundance Spas pool filter tubing, providing an added layer of defense from larger materials that filters aren't designed to handle.

Here at Wild West, we do our very best to provide top of the line models, as well as replacement spa parts. And if you’re not sure which part is right for you, our expert team is here to help. Contact our customer service today.