Types of Pool Lighting

Whether your pool is indoor, outdoor, above ground or inground, lighting is the final touch that will truly make it your own oasis. Installing pool lights not only makes for safer swimming but also allows you to showcase any water features or other surrounding landscape elements.

Underwater lights are submersible, thanks to their waterproof covers, and are typically installed directly into the pool wall. There are other options that can be mounted to the side using a hook and also landscape fixtures that can be installed in the ground. A great pool lighting system combines both underwater and above-ground installations to create an outdoor space you and your guests will love.

Here’s more information on the different types of pool and spa lights and parts available:

LED lights are the current standard for both landscaping fixtures and underwater fixtures. These provide clean lighting with many different color options available. Most have easy connectivity to computerized scheduling systems, and the level of brightness is easy to control. The best part? LED bulbs are energy-efficient and require low ongoing maintenance costs. You'll replace bulbs far less often and have none of the re-ballasting or re-lamping requirements of fluorescents. The Pentair Intellibrite is a popular underwater option.

Replacement bulbs are always in ample supply at Wild West. For landscaping fixtures, replacements are a familiar process. For underwater fixtures, make sure to safely open the waterproof cover and lamp assembly and replace it in a dry, drained pool before going back to normal operation. Due to the lower heat dissipation of LEDs compared to fluorescent, it’s rare to also have to replace the lamp assembly along with an LED bulb.

Above ground pool lights are available and can be mounted along the walls and ground area, rather than internally. They are often affixed to the side of the pool with a hook or latch and hang down to a certain depth to properly illuminate your water. The Hayward Elite is a popular choice. Standalone floating lights are another option. They are waterproof, battery-powered and ready to be dropped into the water as soon as the sun slips away.

Landscape lighting includes lights that are mounted on your home or in the ground and are pointed towards your pool and the surrounding area. These pieces can be integrated into the same controls as your underwater lighting. This creates a brilliant look and makes the deck safer to enjoy.  

Whether you’re looking to create an underwater light show, or simply need a replacement pool light, Wild West Pool Supplies is here to help. If you’re looking for spa lighting specifically, view our collection here. If you need any help choosing or finding the right parts, contact our team for help.