Teledyne Laars Pool Heater Parts Features

If you want to truly impress your guests, there is no better marker of luxury than a warm, evenly heated pool on a crisp evening. Enjoying your swimming experience even if the weather chills slightly as night draws near? Not a problem with the right high-quality equipment. You don't have to choose between installing a hot tub if your personal use case doesn't call for one or the other. If therapeutic jets aren't necessary for your setup, why not go with a comfortable, evenly heated pool?

Laars pool heater parts cover all of the options you'll need to install and maintain an impressive heated pool. They offer replacements for crucial parts, with support for multiple popular brands. And they also offer full heater assemblies, as well. With modular parts available, Laars parts often represent some of the easiest installs on the market. Let's take a closer look at several of our customer base's most commonly ordered Laars pool heating components and assemblies.

Laars R0023200 High Limit Switch Assembly (2 Pack) is a simple replacement option for this crucial safety item. This high limit switch monitors temperatures. If the temperature reaches the upper limit -- usually due to a malfunction elsewhere in the assembly -- it shuts down the entire operation. These are crucial to have backups available.

Laars W0036901+ Pool Heater Pilot Generator is for gas-based pool heaters. This pilot leverages heat to generate electricity, running millivolt heaters directly. This particular model is compatible with Jandy and Teledyne heaters. Match the part number to ensure compatibility.

Laars Jandy R0334300 Flame Sensor Rod Replacement for Zodiac Lite2 Pool and Spa Heaters is another important safety implement that must be in good, working condition to guarantee proper operation. For gas heaters, flames are important, as they are a sign that gas isn't leaking. This sensor will sent a shut off signal if flames are not detected during operation.

Laars R0327100 Complete By-Pass Assembly Hardware & Gaskets are used to redirect water, often between two different types. This is perfect for installing to redirect filtered or ionized water through your heater, rather than allowing pool water directly through. This can drastically increase the lifespan of your heater, by keeping buildup and debris from ever entering in the first place.

Laars P0026800 Drain Plug f/ Return Header is another redirection method. One can plug drains, and then use return headers to properly redirect water. Because heaters often have equipment for multiple water inlets and outlets, this header allows high customization for your exact heated pool needs. Simply screw in the header to guarantee proper water flow in your pool heating solution.

Laars pool heater parts are highlighted here because so many popular heater brands are compatible with these parts. If you search for assemblies or components, you'll see brands like Jandy, Zodiac, and Teledyne. But if you check the owner's manuals, you'll find that many of the part numbers match Laars parts, which make up many of the most crucial components for all of these brands. We offer these parts to make sure our customers can properly maintain their pool equipment without having to overspend on full replacements. And, at Wild West, you save even more because of our low prices on the parts themselves! That reminds us: take home any Teledyne Laars pool heater components this month, and you'll receive a special invite to our Customer Appreciation Offer List. These rotating deals come out monthly, and we send them directly to customers -- because they're too good to publish directly on our website! So why delay? Dive right into the warm, heated waters of Wild West Pool Supplies today!