Astral Lid Kit for In-Ground Skimmer | 05280R0300

SKU: 05280R0300
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SKU: 05280R0300
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1 year warranty from the manufacturer
1 year warranty from the manufacturer

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SKU: 05280R0300
Warranty: 1 year warranty from the manufacturer

Astral 05280R0300 Lid Kit for In-Ground Skimmer 

YOUR POOL CLEANING ROUTINE IS ABOUT TO GET BACK ON TRACK: the official, custom injection molded replacement cover for Astral in-ground pool skimmers is in stock right now, and we've shaved a cool 20% off the suggested asking price!

Astral's pool skimmer line is one of the most popular of its kind that we carry, so we always make sure to source great replacement parts at awesome prices for these units. The Astral 05280R0300 Lid Kit for In-Ground Skimmer will mount right into your Astral skimmer to replace your damaged old model -- so why not get it at an incredible price, while you're at it?

Astral 05280R0300 Lid Kit for In-Ground Skimmer Features: 

  • Astral Product Number: 05280R0300
  • 2" In-Ground Skimmer Compatibility
  • Weight: 14.3 LBS.

This is the simple snap-on replacement you've been looking for? Great! And we're confident that you won't be able to beat this price. Remember that's: 15% off MSRP, no mail-in rebate, no questions asked. This deal is made possible by an opportunity we had to source a number of these at a lower price than normal, and we're simply passing those savings on directly to our customers. 

This replacement in-ground skimmer cover comes with a one (1) year limited warranty provided by Astral. Please check with the included owner's manual for full coverage and claims details. 

More about the Astral 05280R0300 Lid Kit for In-Ground Skimmer:
Astral is responsible for many of the most highly regarded pool and spa products, and their pool skimmers are no exception to this. Astral skimmers are designed to stand up to weather exposure, environments saturated with cleaning chemicals, and more. However, no skimmer lid is wholly immune to wearing slowly over time, due to the need for them to be impermanent parts that the operator removes with some regularity.

This off-white colored skimmer lid is a snap-in replacement. Simply tighten the two grip points on your old lid and lift gently to remove it while maintaining firmness. Then place the new lid evenly over the skimmer, press down gently from the sides, and wait until you hear an audible snap to confirm it is securely in place.

Curious to learn more about maintaining your new skimmer lid? Then let us know! We're always happy to help our customers have the best possible experience with all of the products we carry. 

It's time to get your pool back to the clean, safe environment that a fully-functioning skimmer provides. But don't wait too long. This smokin' hot 20% off MSRP offer is only a limited time kind of deal that goes away once our current stock runs out!

P.S. -- For our best customers, we set aside a separate list of deals that we don't publish directly on our website. And it just so happens that this month, if you take home any Astral products you'll also be invited to this exclusive, no strings attached club! So why delay? Take a big dive into the welcoming, crisp waters of Wild West Pool Supplies today! 

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