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Balboa Heater Assembly 4.0KW EL2000 with Sensors | 58104

SKU: 58104
SKU: 58104
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1 year warranty from the manufacturer
1 year warranty from the manufacturer
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MPN: 58104
SKU: 58104
Warranty: 1 year warranty from the manufacturer

Balboa 58104 Heater Assembly 4.0KW EL2000 with Sensors

ABSOLUTELY WILD HOT TUB OFFER ALERT: this steamin' hot spa heater assembly is one of the best 4.0KW models we've ever had in stock, so we leaped on the opportunity to source a number of these at a lower than normal price -- and the savings go directly to you to the tune of 15% off MSRP for a limited time!

Listen up, partner, we want to make sure you can take advantage of the best prices humanly possible, so don't miss out on this one! The Balboa 58104 Heater Assembly 4.0KW EL2000 with Sensors is the subject of consistently great customer feedback from our professional customers as well as those who maintain home hot tubs. It rates highly for safety, efficiency, and is built to last. So why not get this top of the line model at the lowest price possible? As long as we can keep our current stock in, this 15% off offer will stick. But once it's gone, the deal flies out the door with it.

Balboa 58104 Heater Assembly 4.0KW EL2000 with Sensors features:

  • Balboa product number: 58104
  • 4.0 KW
  • 240 V
  • 2" plumbing connections
  • Materials: stainless steel with black plastic fixtures
  • Dimensions: 15" x 2"

You know Balboa never puts out a dud. You also won't find a better price than this. So don't miss out on this 15% off MSRP offer!

This heater comes fully assembled, ready for flow-through installation, and it's supported by a one (1) year limited warranty. This is handled directly by Balboa, as we are an authorized reseller. Consult the included owner's manual for full coverage and claims support.

More about the Balboa 58104 Heater Assembly 4.0KW EL2000 with Sensors
This is a 4.0 KW, 240V flow-through heater with a single operating mode. It includes two tail pieces with gaskets pre-installed. The required sensors are also built into this model already. The bonding bar and pressure switch are ready to go, out of the box.

If your hot tub configuration requires a different tailpiece and gasket than the included examples, simply unscrew these and replace them with the correct model. This is a modular style heater assembly that can work with many tubing styles, with some modification. 

If you are looking to replace an older Balboa 58148 heater, this model serves as a direct, snap-in replacement for that model. Sensors and heating technology are both supported without adjustments.

Are you looking to learn more about this incredible 4.0 KW heater? Let us know! Our spa professionals have 30 years of institutional knowledge at Wild West to tap into, and we can't wait to pass it along to you!

This is the right part for your needs. It's at a price you likely didn't expect coming in. So why hesitate for a second longer? Drop this great hot tub heater into your cart and enjoy that wild discount offer!

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