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Balboa Extension 2-Relay Circuit Board | 55137

SKU: 55137
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SKU: 55137
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1 year warranty from the manufacturer
1 year warranty from the manufacturer

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SKU: 55137
Warranty: 1 year warranty from the manufacturer

Balboa 55137 Extension 2-Relay Circuit Board

MAJOR SPA SALE ALERT: this revised version of one of the most popular spa circuit boards is the best choice for replacing many Balboa PCBs, and it's in stock today at a smokin' hot 15% off discount!

This is the fully-updated version of the Balboa circuit board you're looking for, at a price that we know can't be beat! The Balboa 55137 Extension 2-Relay Circuit Board is the perfect way to get your topside control back in proper, full communication with the rest of your spa components. If you current PCB took on water damage, or you simply want the most efficient updated version money can buy, we've got the part you need right here! And for a limited time, it's at an amazing price.

Balboa 55137 Extension 2-Relay Circuit Board features:

  • Balboa product number: 55137
  • Sensor and two connectors built in
  • 2 relay design

This sound like the perfect part for your needs? Perfect. Then let's take another look at that smokin' hot price: 15% off MSRP, as soon as you check out. No questions asked, no mail-in nonsense, just a great price straight-up. But don't wait for long. We sourced these at a low price, and we can only guarantee our current stock at this amazing price. Once we run out, this exclusive offer goes out the door with it!

This hot tub PCB has a one (1) year limited warranty, supported directly by Balboa Water Group. The included owner's manual has full support and claims information, so please, consult it in full if you can once your new board arrives.

More about the Balboa 55137 Extension 2-Relay Circuit Board
This Balboa PCB is a replacement for many 2-relay circuit boards by Balboa, and serves as a direct upgrade for many models. Please consult with your owner's manual, and look into Balboa Water Group's cross-compatibility list, provided directly by the manufacturer, to learn more.

This replacement PCB is a simple drop in installation. The included connection terminals are pre-wired with harnesses already installed from the PCB side. However, Balboa does recommend replacing older top side controllers, from more than two decades in the past, to a new model if possible. If your PCB took on water damage due to the top side control failing, you may need plumber's tape or a repair for your existing control. 

Got any burning questions on this industry-leading hot tub circuit board? Don't hesitate to let us know! Our spa professionals are always happy to help. Just drop us a line and we'll share our immense knowledge on all of the products we carry.

Get your hot tub control back to the like-new functionality you expect. Don't wait too long, though! Remember, this offer is tied to our current stock, which we managed to source at a great price. We're passing those savings directly to our customers, but we can't guarantee the same price will hold up for the next wave of stock we get in.

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