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Balboa Terminal Block, 50A 5 Pos | 21137

SKU: 21137
SKU: 21137
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1 year warranty from the manufacturer
1 year warranty from the manufacturer
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MPN: 21137
SKU: 21137
Warranty: 1 year warranty from the manufacturer

Balboa 21137 Terminal Block, 50A 5 Pos

EXCELLENT SPA NEWS: this replacement positive terminal block is the perfect way to reconstruct an ailing hot tub component, and we have it in stock right now for a wild 20% off!

There's nothin' silly about it. This deal is as real as it gets, partner. The Balboa 21137 Terminal Block 50A 5 Pos is a replacement five part terminal block that'll get your spa component right back to working order, no problem. You took the time and effort to diagnose your problem: electrical. You went on a search for the best part, at the best price. Look no further: your search ends here! 

Balboa 21137 Terminal Block 50A 5 Pos features: 

  • Balboa Water Group Product Number: 21137
  • 50A
  • 5 POS terminals
  • 1.92 OZ.
  • 6x6x6 package dimensions

You found this elusive part. Can you believe it's available at such an amazing price, to boot? For a limited time, you'll keep a smokin' hot 20% off of this terminal block in your pocket. But don't delay too long. This offer lasts only as long as our current stock does!

This spa pressure switch comes with a guaranteed one (1) year limited warranty from Balboa. Refer to the owner's manual for full details on support and claims directly from the manufacturer. 

More about the Balboa 21137 Terminal Block 50A 5 Pos:
Terminal blocks are simply electrical connectors with a clamp for wires. They make it easy and reliable to connect wires from one component to another in a secure way, with proper wire management that avoids tangling. 

This 5 POS terminal has a plastic main body with 5 2-part positive terminals to affix wires to. You'll see similar parts throughout Balboa components, especially throughout the popular Jacuzzi brand spa systems.

Wire management is a great preventative for future electrical issues. It keeps wires in a sensible configuration, avoids issues with pulling, and makes future replacements and maintenance a snap.

Have a question about the Balboa 21137 Terminal Block 50A 5 Pos? Then let us know! Our hot tub pros are always up to the task. 

Revitalized hot tub experiences await you. This smokin' Balboa 21137 Terminal Block 50A 5 Pos deal only lasts for a little while longer, though, so make sure to get yours today! 

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