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Balboa Lite Leader Digital Topside (2 Button) | 54116

SKU: 54116
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SKU: 54116
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1 year warranty from the manufacturer
1 year warranty from the manufacturer

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SKU: 54116
Warranty: 1 year warranty from the manufacturer

Balboa 54116 Lite Leader Digital Topside (2 Button)

HOT TUB NEWS ALERT: this spa topside panel is one of the very best two button options currently available on the market, and we decided to slice off a wild 15% off!

You won't find a deal like this anywhere else -- believe it! The Balboa 54116 Lite Leader Digital Topside Panel is a sleek two button build for controlling lights, jets and temperature in the most straightforward way possible for many long years of like-new operation. You want to go for a spa build with the most accessible control method for your family or customers? Memo received. We'll make sure you can do just that, at the best price possible.

Balboa 54116 Lite Leader Digital Topside Panel features:

  • Balboa Water Group Product Number:54116
  • Two button layout
  • One button for lights/jets
  • One dual-function button for water temperature
  • Phone plug connector
  • Includes 7' cable 

If that looks like the component you've been searching for, then let's swing back to that incredible price! You'll save an unbelievable 15% off the suggested retail price. But you'll have to get yours as soon as possible, as this deal is limited to our current stock only.

This topside panel has a one (1) year limited warranty from Balboa. Check with the included owner's manual for full coverage and claims. 

More about the Balboa 54116 Lite Leader Digital Topside Panel:
This particular Balboa topside panel model is digital, rather than an air-based system. It communicates with your spa equipment through a simple universal phone-style cable, with a seven foot cord included with the panel.

The panel sends simple signals to your equipment, based on the number of button presses. Turn on jets and lights by pressing a single button twice, turn them off with the same operation.

The temperature button serves as a simple up/down control. Pair your heating equipment with a pressure switch to ensure temperatures remain at save levels, and automatically shut off if they exceed that level, as this panel (nor any topside control) does not include that functionality. 

Have any burning questions about the Balboa 54116 Lite Leader Digital Topside Panel? Our spa specialists are always up to pass along some advice or address any concerns you might have with installation or maintenance.

Streamlined hot tub experiences await. This smokin' Balboa 54116 Lite Leader Digital Topside Panel is only available at this wild price for a limited time, though. Don't wait long! 

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