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Balboa Vico Ultimax Volute Ppumvf UM 2.0" S X 2.0" C | 1210020

SKU: 1210020
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SKU: 1210020
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1 year warranty from the manufacturer
1 year warranty from the manufacturer

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SKU: 1210020
Warranty: 1 year warranty from the manufacturer

Balboa Vico 1210020 Ultimax Volute Ppumvf 2.0" S X 2.0" C

HUGE NEWS FOR ANYONE IN THE MARKET FOR SPA REPAIRS: this replacement pump assembly will get your ailing Balboa pump and impeller back to the like-new functionality you expect, and we have it in stock right now for an absolutely smokin' 20% off MSRP!

You likely started your search for this niche part with low expectations. Now you've landed on the page for the part you need -- and it's available at an unbeatable price. The Balboa 1210020 Vico Ultimax Volute Ppumvf is the official replacement for the rugged plastic outer shell of your Balboa pump. You're not alone; this is a common requested replacement due to the popularity of Balboa spa components. That's why we made sure to source a large number of this item at a discount, so we could pass those savings directly on to you. 

Balboa 1210020 Vico Ultimax Volute Ppumvf Features:

  • Balboa Product Number: 1210020
  • 2" x 2" Front Side Discharge
  • Color: Black

These look like the specs you're after? Awesome! So how about one more look at that amazing price: You'll save a positively smokin' 20% the suggested retail price of this replacement pump assembly! But don't delay for too long, partner. Our current warehouse stock is going fast, and once it runs out we'll have to make our next order at the standard MSRP.

This replacement Volute assembly arrives at your door supported by a one (1) year limited warranty from Balboa. Please consult the owner's manual for complete coverage and claims information.

More about the Balboa 1210020 Vico Ultimax Volute Ppumvf:
The Balboa 1210020 Vico Ultimax Volute Ppumvf is the only part fully guaranteed to be compatible with the Ultimax spa pump system. The Ultimax is a popular item that appears in many spa configurations, so even though it is noted for great durability we still receive a high level of demand for parts related to it.

This is only the main injection molded plastic portion of the pump, with no mounted parts or additional components. Separate mounting hardware, impeller, and motor are necessary.

Please note that a common issue with malfunctioning spa pumps is due to detritus clogging the impeller area. Before buying replacement parts, it is suggested by repair professionals to first thoroughly clean the impeller and surrounding area and test the unit.

Got any burning questions about this hot tub pump component? Let our staff know! We're always happy to lend our customers a hand with our hard-earned knowledge regarding all of our products.

Don't let a struggling spa pump make your hot tub an unhappy place to be. A simple component upgrade could easily be all you need to get right back to the hot tub experience you know and love. But don't delay for long. This Balboa spa pump assembly is only available at that wild 20% off discount for as long as we can keep our current inventory in stock.

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