10 Simple Steps to Open Up Your Pool

by Mark Zalewski

Now that winter has come to an end, it’s time to get your pool back up and running. Follow these 10 simple steps to ensure proper pool opening from the winter season.

1) Remove the Water and Debris Off of Your Pool Cover

Your pool cover or safety cover probably has water and debris on the top of it. Removing all of the water and debris before you take off the cover will save you time later. If you don’t have a pool cover you should invest into one this year.

2) Inspect the Pool Equipment

Depending on the type of winter you had, you may need to replace parts that were damaged. It’s imperative to fix anything visibly broken before you begin. Utilize your equipment manuals and search for parts at Wild West! Once your equipment is in order proceed to the next step.

3) Remove Cover

Remove your pool cover carefully, properly fold and store it until next season. You will most likely have a green dirty pool on your hands. Once we start up your pool we will go thru some simple steps to clear up the water. If your water level has dropped you will need to refill the pool up to the half way mark on the skimmer mouth.

4) Remove All Winterizing Plugs

There will be plugs along the side of the pool in the return lines. Remove the plugs and attach the return fittings, angling them slightly to the surface of the pool to agitate the surface. Wild West Pool Supplies stocks a variety of return fittings if they have gone missing. There will probably be an antifreeze device inside the skimmer (half of a bottle of anti-freeze for example). Remove this device as well as the plug in the bottom of the skimmer.

5) Reconnect All Pool Equipment

Small parts have been removed from your pump and filter that will all need to be re-attached. They will most likely be in the trap of the pump. Re-attach the drain plug and the manual air relief assembly to the filter. Re-attach the drain plug(s) on the pump housing. There will also probably be a pressure gauge to re-attach as well. Every pool is different so you may have some other components to re-attach.

6) Lube O-rings

Your pump lid o-ring should be checked for splits and cracks. If it appears fine, generously apply a Teflon based pool/spa lube such as LubeTube.

7) Add Water to the Pump Trap

While the lid is off, check to make sure all plugs are removed from the pump suction line. Then fill the trap with water. This will help the pump prime when you go to re-start the filter.

8) Open All the Valves

Make sure your valves are open for proper circulation. Once your valves are open you will be ready to start the circulation.

9) Turn on the Equipment

With you manual air relief assembly open, turn on the equipment. Make sure your pump is priming. Once your air relief assembly starts to spray water out, close it.

10) Check the Pool

Ensure that water is flowing into your pool!

That’s it! Your pool is back up and running. Make sure that you walk the entire pool area at this time to identify any potential safety hazards.