11 Awesome Ways to Keep Your Hot Tub Running Great

11 Awesome Ways to Keep Your Hot Tub Running Great

by Mark Zalewski

If you are a hot tub owner, we know you take pride in your ownership and that it is important to you to take proper care of your hot tub to ensure that it provides you with years of enjoyment and relaxation. As summer quickly approaches, we know that your hot tub is going to be getting a lot of use. As such, we would like to provide you with some helpful tips as you prepare for the new season. With that in mind, here are 11 awesome ways to keep your hot tub running great this summer and every month after!

Tip # 1: Use Tennis Balls in Your Skimmer

We know this might sound a little odd but using tennis balls in your skimmer is a helpful way to keep undesirable things like body oils, lotions or hair products from getting into your filtration system. Tennis balls work to attract these substances and keep your filtration system working great.

Tip # 2: Use the Right Hot Tub Pressure Switch

Selecting the right hot tub pressure switch is crucial in the care of your hot tub. A pressure switch works as a safety device to shut off your tub's heater in the event of low pressure. This helps to prevent the heater from having dry fires, ensuring that you and your guests remain safe while using your hot tub. A popular switch that we recommend is the Balboa 30408 pressure switch.

Tip # 3: Use Bleach and Water to Clean Your Hot Tub Cover

Have you ever noticed that hot tub covers get that nasty mildew smell if they don't get cleaned? Well, a great solution to this is to wash them with bleach and water. This will kill the odor and keep you from grossing out your friends and family.

Tip # 4: Use a Timer

It is a smart idea to use a timer when you are filling your hot tub. This will help you not ruin your equipment by letting it run for too long.

Tip # 5: Use a Spa Enzyme Product

Every hot tub owner has had to deal with that unsightly line of scum that likes to form around the top of your tub. However, the regular use of enzyme products can help prevent this by breaking down the fatty lipids and keeping your hot tub immaculately clean.

Tip # 6: Keep a Backup Filter Handy

If you are using replaceable filters, make sure you have a replacement handy. This makes replacing your filter quick and easy so that you can continue to enjoying your hot tub with minimal interruption.

Tip # 7: Rinse Your Swimsuit with Water

Before you use your hot tub, make sure that you and your guests first rinse off your swimsuits in water. This will help to get rid of any soapy residue that might have accumulated during water, ensuring that your hot tub jets won't cause a foamy mess while you are enjoying your tub.

Tip # 8: Clean Your Hot Tub with White Vinegar

White vinegar is an easy and effective way to keep your hot tub clean. And best of all it's cheap!

Tip # 9: Don't Allow Foreign Substances in Your Pool

It is a good idea to have a few ground rules when it comes to the privilege of using your hot tub. One good rule to have is to not let things like bubble bath or other bath oils into your tub. This will help to keep those annoying suds at bay.

Tip # 10: Regularly Drain and Clean Your Hot Tub

Every 3-4 months, it is a good idea to drain and clean your hot tub. This will help you and your guests enjoy your time more, knowing that you are relaxing in a clean hot tub with clean water.

Tip # 11: Always Keep Your Chemicals Handy

If you want to make sure you have plenty of uninterrupted hot tub time, it is a good idea to have all of your chemicals handy in the event that you need them. Check out our supply of pool chemicals to ensure that your hot tub is being properly cared for.

If you follow these simple tips, you will ensure that you have years of hot tub enjoyment ahead of you. Happy soaking!