Algae Growth and Prevention

by Mark Zalewski

If you’re a pool owner, you are probably very familiar with algae… maybe even more familiar with how difficult it can be to get rid of! The growth of algae in your pool, places a very high demand on the chemicals that are present and proper removal takes a lot of time and money. 

In this segment, we are going to talk about taking the proactive approach in preventing anything from growing in your swimming pool.

The reproduction of algae is reliant on several factors including sunlight, water, carbon dioxide (air), nitrates and phosphates. Phosphates are the primary food source for all aquatic plants including all of the different types of algae and they exist in more places that you would think including decaying plants, fertilizers for gardens, public water, and even cosmetics.

Think about it… every time the wind blows a leaf into your pool, phosphates go along with it. If the phosphate level gets too high, your pool water becomes a feeding ground for algae, and if the primary sanitizing agent diminishes you will have a recipe for an algae bloom.

Even after an algae problem is wiped out, phosphates are still present in the water making it very easy for the pesky plants to grow right back. One of the most effective ways to prevent algae growth is to remove phosphates.

Unlike removing an algae problem, removing phosphates is quite simple… The first step is testing water with a phosphate test kit. AquaCheck Phosphate Test Kits offer a very accurate method to check for phosphates.

Another popular testing product is Natural Chemistry’s Phosphate Test kit.

Phosphate tests will measure the phosphate level on a scale from 0 – 10,000 ppb (parts per billion). If your phosphate reading is below 300ppb then you’re in a good spot to start using a preventative maintenance chemical like Natural Chemistry’s Pool Perfect + Phosfree. By adding about a capful of this product weekly in the summer time you’ll be able to swim worry free of phosphates getting out of control.

If your phosphate level is higher than 300, a much stronger phosphate remover is necessary. Please be aware that most phosphate removing products will dramatically cloud up your pool water… don’t worry, this just means that the product is working.

We recommend applying a dose of SeaKlear’s Phosphate Remover. This heavy concentrate will remove all phosphates present in the water and this quart comes with a free 4oz bottle of Natural Clarifier to bring vitality and crispness back to your water.

Once the phosphate levels are down, you have minimized the chance for algae growth even if your primary sanitizer dips below adequate standards. We absolutely recommend continuing to add a weekly dosage of phosphate remover to your water. Food for algae is continuously added to the pool as phosphates are everywhere around us. Without preventative maintenance weekly you will continue to have problems. As long as you take the proper preventative maintenance to control the phosphates, you will dramatically decrease the chance for algae growth.