Calculate Your Pool Volume

by Mark Zalewski

How Big Is Your Pool? Calculating Pool Volume Made Simple.

Knowing how many gallons your pool has is essential when it comes to balancing your water chemistry properly. You don’t have to be exact but if a rough estimate is made incorrectly the pool will run into problems. If your gallon estimate is too low you will struggle properly fixing problems because you will end up having to re-apply the same treatments over and over. If the estimate is too high you will end up wasting money on chemicals you don’t need. Furthermore your water balance won’t be accurate.

The simplest way to find the size of the pool would be to find the documentation from the pool builder however that may not be available. Don’t worry… there is a simple way to calculate it yourself. All you need are three simple measurements: average length, average width and average depth.

The formula is: Average Length x Average Width x Average Depth x 7.5 = Total Gallons in Pool

The number 7.5 is a constant figure used to convert the volume into gallons. 7.5 equates to the number of fluid gallons that will fit in one square foot.

In perfectly flat, rectangular pools this calculation is quite easy, however most pools have a variety of shapes and depths. When calculating the gallons try to take small pieces of the pool your can calculate and then add the values together. When in doubt contact a local pool and spa professional or send some photos to us here at Wild West. We’d be happy to help you figure your depth.

As soon as you lock in the correct number of gallons you’ll be able to accurately apply to correct amount of chemicals to your pool.