Dealing with Stress:  Can a Hot Tub Be Your Answer?

Dealing with Stress: Can a Hot Tub Be Your Answer?

by Mark Zalewski

The fact is, if you are an adult and live in America, you have stress. It’s everywhere around us; whether it’s the classroom, the boardroom, or the daily stress at home. No matter where you are in your life, odds are you are dealing with stress:  Can a hot tub be your answer?

Stress looks different to each of us. It can come in all shapes and sizes. For most of us, the options for dealing with our stress come in the form of unhealthy choices like drinking, eating, smoking, etc. So how can we relax without resorting to any questionable or unhealthy options? A hot tub is great for relaxing and de-stressing, in as little as 15-20 minutes, a few times a week.

I’m surprised that every American home doesn’t come with a hot tub built right in. With the way the hot tub popularity keeps increasing and our stress levels are not decreasing, I wouldn’t be surprised to see that start to happen. Homes would be built with the hot tub included already!

The medical community has repeatedly warned us of the harm that everyday stress can do if it is not dealt with or taken seriously. It is highly recommended to spend time each day meditating or relaxing to counteract the effects of stress on our bodies. Getting into a hot tub can relax just about anyone, and the positive influences on our health are priceless. See our previous post, Is Hot Tub Hydrotherapy For You? on the benefits of hydrotherapy to ease muscle stress.

The benefits of de-stressing with a hot tub are much greater than simply relaxing with some quiet time. When you sit in a hot tub your body is no longer subjected to a 100% gravitational pull and your blood flow is increased in your expanded capillaries and veins. When your body is in a buoyant state, it removes up to 30% of the pressure you carry around all day that adds to your physical stress on your body. The NSPF (National Swimming Pool Foundation) article refers to Dr. Bruce Becker’s findings that hot tubs reduce high blood pressure and are good for your heart due to the cardiac workout from the change in the body’s pressure.

Some hot tubs come with built-in lounge chairs are equipped with jets that blow air and water to whatever body parts may be needing attention. Hot tubs can even be specifically customized so that they’re personally equipped to address any areas of your body that are particularly stressed. For many people that would be their back and neck. Maybe your issue is that your feet ache at the end of the day. There are hot tubs that have the jets built into the floor where your feet would benefit from them.

No matter what the source of your stress is or where it takes its toll on your body, a hot tub is a powerful weapon in the fight against stress.