Diagnosing Your Sick Pool Pump

Diagnosing Your Sick Pool Pump

May 24, 2019by Mark Zalewski

Your pool pump and filter are key factors in keeping your swimming pool healthy.  Combined, they keep your water circulating which stops the buildup of algae and bacteria.  If the filter isn't working right or the pump isn't working properly, your pool water will become a breeding ground for all kinds of unwanted bacteria and organisms.

Here are some of the most common pool pump and filter issues you may come across:

  • Pump Stopped Pumping

This is a common problem that could be caused by a variety of different things.  Your skimmer basket may be clogged.  Cleaning out your skimmer may be all that's needed to be up and running again.  If your skimmer isn't the culprit, you'll have to check everything in your pump system.  See if any water is getting into the strainer basket.  If your pump basket is damaged, then debris and dirt can be introduced into the pump system causing jams that make your impeller hard to move.

Contact a repairman if you are unable to diagnose why it isn't working.

  • Leaking Water Pump

 This is usually an easy and inexpensive problem to fix.  Normally this is caused by the thread on the fitting being worn down and getting smaller over a period of time.  It takes about 45 minutes to repair your threading.  If the leak is not caused by a threading issue, then check your mechanical seal to see if it has been damaged.  

  • Motor shuts On and Off

If your motor starts turning on and off on its own, then it is probably overheating.  Motors have internal sensors that will shut itself down when it starts to overheat.   For information on helping you select a pool pump, you can visit Swim University's site.   If your motor is new, then it will probably be an electrical issue.  If your voltage is too low, it causes more heat to be produced.  Check your pumps cooling vents to make sure that your vents aren't obstructed.

  • Noisy Motor

If your motor is making a whining or scratching noise, you will need to change out your bearings.  Unlike a door hinge where you can apply grease or lube, you will have to actually replace the bearings.  You can plan to spend up to $150 that includes both parts and labor.

These are some of the most common problems your pool pump and filtration system may experience.  Keeping your pool water circulating is the best way to ensure the overall health of your swimming pool.