Don't Let a Small Budget Stop You from Purchasing a Hot Tub

Don't Let a Small Budget Stop You from Purchasing a Hot Tub

by Mark Zalewski

Don’t let a small budget stop you from owning a hot tub. A great solution is to consider purchasing a used hot tub. Some retailers offer used tubs or you may find someone in your area who has one for sale. When you decide to go meet the seller to look at the hot tub, take a professional with you to check the condition of it. Remember most hot tubs are big and difficult to move so make arrangements for pick up and delivery. For more informative tips on purchasing a hot tub see our previous post, Top Tips for Buying a Hot Tub.

The first thing you want to check over well is the shell to make sure it has no damage. Take the side panels off to examine the area under the shell for signs of leakage or cracks in the insulation or any other damage.

You also want to check the filtration and pump systems. Never purchase a used hot tub without checking it with water in it. It’s easier to check for problems while it’s in use. Once the hot tub is full of water, turn the jets on to be sure they are working properly. Check all the controls while the hot tub is operating. If possible, get in and try it out.

Finding a re-manufactured hot tub is an ideal situation. When someone is unable to pay for their hot tub, the dealer repossess the unit. The dealer will then re-manufacture the merchandise and give you a warranty. Granted, the warranty is not the same as a new purchase but it does offer some protection.

You may find one that has some problems like damaged cabinet walls. This isn’t difficult to fix. Figure out if the damage is worth your while to spend the money and your time on, before you make the purchase. If you find scratches or cracks you want to quickly repair yourself, refer to SwimUniversity’s article. Also, keep in mind you can add upgrades to a model such as light and sound systems or additional jets.

Whether you purchase a used hot tub or a brand new model, a hot tub is a great way to relax after a long day or entertain your guests.