How Ozone Can Benefit Your Spa

by Mark Zalewski

An excellent measure to keep spa water clear and safe is a non-chlorine shock such as ozone. Ozone is an unstable form of oxygen that acts as a very powerful disinfectant. Oxygen, as you know, is what we breathe. Ozone is the addition of a third atom to oxygen. That third addition is very unstable and it reaches out to anything it can to combine with most importantly organic and inorganic compounds. The combination that’s achieved is disinfection of those compounds which results in cleaner and fresher water… a very exceptional experience.

Many of you have spas with a pre-equipped ozone generator. Ozone generators are an excellent way to shock and oxidize the water, removing the smell and eye irritation that most people associate with chlorine. What most people think when they smell chlorine near a pool or spa is that there is too much chlorine in the water. That is actually not true. What’s happening is that the chlorine in the body water is combining with organic compounds such as perspiration and the chlorine is no longer effectively sanitizing the body of water.

Shocking the water is in order at this point. If you don’t have an ozone generator, you may consider installing one. Ozone generators add an extra boost to help chlorine perform instead of combining with bather waster. It’s important to know that a pre-equipped ozone generator has a life span.

There are two types of ozone generators. The first is CD (Corona Discharge). The internal component (or chip) should be switched out annually. The second is UV (ultra-violet light) and it typically has a two to three year life span. Consult your owner’s manual or installer to find out how often internal components need to be replaced. Nevertheless, if you haven’t changed your internal controlling device on the ozone generator you have probably noticed an increase in chemical use for sanitation.

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