Proper Spa and Hot Tub Care

by Mark Zalewski

Hot tubs revitalize your mind, body and spirit. The most important part about a hot tub experience is to enjoy it on a regular basis, and the only way that can happen is to maintain proper spa care.

As a hot tub owner it’s imperative to make sure that the water chemistry is balanced. Hot tubs are a much smaller body of water compared to pools, so water chemistry and balance are more critical simply because of the ratio between the gallons of water to the number of hot tub enjoyers at any given is much smaller. For instance, 4 people in a 500 gallon spa is 1 person for 125 gallons of water. If you equate that same ratio to your 15,000 gallon pool, imagine 125 people in that body of water… obviously a challenge.

It’s important to add a small dose sanitizer, like a non-chlorine shock treatment, after each relaxing session. We here at Wild West stock a variety of non-chlorine shock treatments ready to ship.

Draining and refilling your spa is one of the most effective ways to maintain ease in proper balance and because it’s such a small body of water it’s economical to do so. As we enter spring, it’s recommended to drain the water in your spa to revitalize the water you enjoy. When you do choose to drain the spa we recommend to add a purging agent.

There are several manufacturers that offer purging chemicals to clear “outwater” and pipes… trust us at Wild West when we say, “you’ll be surprised at what comes out”.

A product we carry is Natural Chemistry’s Spa Purge. This chemical agent exfoliates the internal plumbing of your spa system, allowing your hot tub experience to be not only more pleasurable… but safe. Imagine all of the lotions, oils, sweat, cosmetics and other organic and non-organic inhabitants in all of your plumbing over a long season. It’s important you remove all of the gunk.

Draining and purging your spa lines quarterly will dramatically increase the lifetime of your spa.

It’s your spa… it’s your environment… make it safe and enjoyable.