Artificial Grass Around Your Pool - Is Fake Grass a Good Idea?

Artificial Grass Around Your Pool - Is Fake Grass a Good Idea?

by Mark Zalewski

Lots of pool owners have natural grass around their pool area, and most have never even considered getting artificial grass. But is artificial grass the best option to prevent a messy relationship between your yard and your pool?

We spoke with Allen Hewitt, the owner of North Western Synthetic Grass, to get a professional opinion. He gave us four great reasons why synthetic grass is the way to go when you have a pool.

No More Lawn Clippings

Mowing the grass is an unpleasant chore in and of itself. But when you have a pool, things get even more complicated. As you pool owners know, grass shavings from the mower tend to fall into the pool and create a layer of grassy debris in your water. This is a pain to clean! Thin blades of grass often slide right out of traditional pool skimmers and fall right back into the water.

With artificial grass, you don't have to mow the lawn and you don't get that natural debris in your pool. This saves you time, allowing you to skip the lawn mowing AND the pool cleaning. It's a win-win situation.

No More Dirty Pools

Grass clippings aren't the only things that get into your pool. There's also lots of other natural debris that can creep out of your grass and fall into your pool. Take insects, for instance. Bugs are probably the most common thing that you find yourself skimming out of your pool every day. This is because they live in the grassy area surrounding your pool and can enter your water in just one hop. Other things like dirt, weeds, and mud can get tracked into your pool from the surrounding grass.

Artificial grass eliminates these elements of natural debris and helps keep your pool clean. While there are still other things that will get your pool dirty (and when they do, we’re here to help with automatic pool cleaner parts), synthetic grass gets rid of a lot of different contaminants that most commonly affect your pool.

No More Dead Patches

Grass dies without water, but it also suffers with too much water. You may have noticed that some matted down, dead patches of grass right around your pool area. These are due to the constant wet footprints that cover the area surrounding your pool. When your grass gets too wet in one area, it will "drown" and not grow to its full potential. This leaves your yard looking splotchy and unkempt.

Artificial grass, on the other hand, can't drown in the water from your pool. No matter how much water escapes from your pool, it will look just as green and just as perky. This saves you money on expensive fertilizers and re-seeding, and it also helps your yard look its best.

No More Bleached Grass

The other way that pools can ruin your grass is through bleach. Chlorine at high levels tends to act as a bleach, and this can leave your yard looking faded, not the vibrant green you started out with. Over time, as you use your pool more and more, your grass will keep losing its color. Since you can't reverse the bleaching process, you're stuck with faded grass until a new stalk grows; think of it like permanent hair dye.

To avoid this bleaching nightmare, artificial grass is your best bet. Its vivid green color will last even through any bleaching that your chlorinated pool creates, leaving you with a beautiful yard.

To Sum it All Up

All in all, though clearly he could be biased :), Allen made a compelling case for artificial grass for pool owners, and one we think should give pool owners something interesting to think about. And if you happen to be looking for artificial grass in Vancouver, give Allen a call!