Small Broken Pool Items Can Be Unsafe

Dec 09, 2014by Mark Zalewski

Water and sunlight over an extended period of time slowly deteriorate everything they touch. Be sure to fix the small broken items around the pool before they become unsafe.

Common items like skimmer and water leveler lids on your deck crack in the summer heat. This is a huge safety hazard. Luckily a variety of models are affordable and readily available from Wild West. Fix that cracked lid now before someone gets injured.

Your skimmer basket and pump basket should be replaced each year as well. If the debris from the pool gets sucked into the pump, there is a potential for the debris to cause a pump failure which can lead to costly repairs. Avoid this by replacing these baskets at the first sign of wear, ESPECIALLY after the stormy season.

Keep in mind, your filter’s manual air relief assembly and pressure gauge are also under a lot of stress in the summer months. One small crack in either of these and you could have a massive flood on your hands. It’s always a good idea to replace any of these deteriorating plastic pieces before a major problem. With Wild West at your fingertips, you’ll be able to maintain all the products that keep you swimming! You just had a long fun summer swimming! Take time to invest in the things to make it running good as new!

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