Taking the Guesswork Out of Preventative Maintenance with SeaKlear Pods

by Mark Zalewski

Swimming pools are relatively easy to take care of, that is if you put in the time to do it on a regular basis. One of the most common oversights pool owners make is the additional care a pool needs in the peak of summer. When a pool is in heavy use, normal maintenance may not be enough to keep the pool in proper balance.

To prevent potential problems, Wild West has a preventative maintenance solution that will save you time and money. SeaKlear’s pod formula is the easiest and most effective way to keep your pool water in perfect balance throughout the entire summer.

There are two steps to taking an unbalanced cloudy pool and turning it into a swimming pool paradise.

It all starts with SeaKlear’s Mighty Pod Cloudy Pool Cure. Take your cloudy pool and turn it in crystal clear water within 24 hours. Just take one pre-measured pod and toss it in the skimmer basket. It’s really that simple.

The next step is just as easy. SeaKlear’s Mighty Pod Weekly Pool Cure is a powerful 3-in-1 formula condescend down into a simple pre-measured pod. Part one is SeaKlear’s industry leading Natural Clarifier. SeaKlear’s Natural Clarifier is a crustacean based product that keeps water clear comparable to no other pool product on the market. And because it’s not oil based, this product is the most environmentally safe clarifier on the market.

Part two is SeaKlear’s phosphate removing technology that will remove 125 to 150 ppb (parts per billion) on a weekly basis. Keep in mind that before adding this pod you will need to make sure the current phosphate level is below 500ppb. If you have a reading over 500ppb please use SeaKlear’s Phosphate remover to get the phosphates inline. Once the phosphates are in line, then let the pods do the work. You will never be able to completely remove phosphates from the pool, and because phosphates are continuously being added to your pool, it’s important to maintain a comfortable level weekly.

The third component in SeaKlear’s Weekly Pod is an enzyme that breaks down scum, grease and grime. Excessive bather load dramatically increases the amount of contaminants entering the pool. Because of that, an enzyme product is absolutely necessary to assist in the breakdown of these contaminants. By adding the pod, you’ll be in great shape.

One pod, dropped into the skimmer does the work of three separate chemicals. Why struggle with measuring 3 separate bottles when you have the convenience of dropping one pod into the skimmer each week. This pod takes all the guesswork out of pool chemistry as well as dramatically increasing the effectiveness of chlorine in your pool water.