The Healthy Benefits of Hot Tubs

The Healthy Benefits of Hot Tubs

by Mark Zalewski

Over recent years, awareness of using hot tubs and spas for healthy benefits has grown. Having a relaxing time in water can be more than much needed peace-of-mind; it is a great way to release stress from the day.  Here are just a few of the many health benefits that hot tubs provide:

  • The heart is designed to pump blood in response to our body's demands or requests. The heart has to work a lot less when the body's temperature is slightly elevated and are in a state of buoyancy. You can relieve your body weight by 20% when in a tub or pool up to your neck in water. Just the effects of the natural gravitational pull that are lessened by doing this is well worth looking into if you are pursuing optimal health.
  • While relaxing in the hot tub immersed with water up to your neck, the volume of blood in your chest cavity as well as your heart will increase, which is excellent for your circulation system. Additional benefits by regular immersion in a hot tub include the pulmonary, musculoskeletal, renal and endocrine systems.
  • Soothing the pain of cramped muscles is overall relaxation for your body which in turn helps you sleep better.

These healthy benefits are a bonus for hot tub owners.

How many nights have you spent trying to get to sleep faster but cannot stop thinking about work, challenges of the day, etc.? Using a hot tub will naturally relax you and help you get drowsy and ready for bed.

The next time you get in your hot tub, enjoy all of the benefits it provides you.