Top 4 Pool Safety Precautions for This Summer

Top 4 Pool Safety Precautions for This Summer

by Mark Zalewski

Any pool owner knows that pool safety is the most important part of owning a swimming pool. Safety is the first thing to consider to ensure that your pool remains a happy and safe place for you and your loved ones. However, when it comes to staying safe around the pool, many owners might not actually know what it takes to ensure that everyone is staying as safe as possible around the pool. To help rectify this, we have taken the time to put together a resourceful list for you to refer to to make sure you and your friends and family are staying safe while enjoying your pool.

Be Sure You Practice Chemical Safety

It is important to remember to keep your pool clean by using pool chemicals. However, with pool cleaning comes the added responsibility of practicing chemical safety. Make sure you follow strict guidelines for how these chemicals are to be stored and used. Be sure that they stay locked up when not in use and that the people who are to be using the pool chemicals is clearly laid out. If they are not handled correctly they can be very dangerous and harmful to you and your loved ones. It is also a good idea to use cleaning chemicals that help to maintain good water quality. We recommend using Orenda 1 gallon phosphate remover. This cleaner will ensure that your pool remains a safe place for you and your guests by preventing harmful residues that have a negative affect on water chemistry.

Be Sure to Practice and Teach Swimming Safety

Keep yourself and your family safe by practicing and teaching safety around the pool. This is important especially if you have young children. Make sure that the ground rules for safety around the pool are laid down beforehand. Do not allow running around the pool and make sure that no one is leaving obstacles around the pool that could create tripping hazards. Also make sure that there is always adult supervision when children are playing around the pool and most important of all, make sure that you as an adult are practicing pool safety to set the example for younger eyes watching you. Children will always be watching whether you realize it or not!

Be Sure to Install Alarms, Fences and Gates

If you have small children running around, installing alarms, fences and gates for your pool is a good idea. This will help to ensure you that your kids are not using the pool without your knowledge or accidentally falling in while unintended. Taking these precautions is a helpful way of ensuring pool safety and giving you peace of mind.

Be Sure to Keep a Safety Checklist Handy

Vital to the safety of your pool is keeping a pool safety checklist on hand at all times. This checklist should include things like a detailed list of what to do with things like the swimming pool gate or fence and cover topics like safety preparedness, pool supervision and chemical safety. Having a checklist handy that tells you what to do in specific categories will help to ensure that no area of pool safety has been overlooked. It is easy to forget things and a checklist is a great prevention to overlooking important factors of pool safety.

When it comes to enjoying your pool, staying safe is the number one consideration. Here at Wild West Pool Supplies we take pool safety seriously and hope that you will too. Make sure you are practicing these tips for pool safety to ensure that your time around the pool remains safe and enjoyable for years to come.