Carvin/Jacuzzi® DVK-6 Replacement Multiport Valve Kit | 39258800R

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SKU: 39258800R
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This product has a 1 year warranty from the manufacturer
This product has a 1 year warranty from the manufacturer

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SKU: 39258800R
Warranty: This product has a 1 year warranty from the manufacturer

Carvin/Jacuzzi® 39258800R DVK-6 Replacement Multiport Valve Kit 

HOT TUB SALE ALERT: this multiport valve kit from Jacuzzi® is an official part from a venerated brand, and we have it in stock right now at an incredible 15% off MSRP discount!

This valve kit is in high demand from our customers, so we managed to source a number of these from a supplier in such a way that allows us to offer a wild discount offer. You can't get much better than this particular model, a replacement valve for one of the best sand filters on the market. The Carvin/Jacuzzi® 39258800R DVK-6 Multiport Valve Kit is the latest revision for this replacement part.

Carvin/Jacuzzi® 39258800R DVK-6 Multiport Valve Kit Features:

  • Jacuzzi® Product Number: 39258800R
  • Weight: 5 lbs.
  • O-Ring Included
  • 6-Way Selector 

When you buy into a brand like Jacuzzi®, there's no such thing as a hopeless case: replacement parts are available and ready to install to get you right back to like-new functionality! But don't wait long, because once our current stock depletes, this amazing 15% off offer goes away with it.

This replacement sand filter valve has a one (1) year limited warranty from Jacuzzi®. Want to learn more about this great coverage plan? Consult the owner's manual included with your valve kit once it arrives. 

More about the Carvin/Jacuzzi® 39258800R DVK-6 Multiport Valve Kit:
Jacuzzi® is a venerated brand, so instantly recognizable that it has become a common term that might as well mean "hot tub" to most. Their sand filters are no exception to the recognized top quality of their products. 

As dependable as these units are, the nature of sand filters means the valve component takes on a lot of wear and stress. These are one of the more common parts that need replacement on sand filters. That's why Jacuzzi® makes them readily available, and designs it to be a simple swap-in replacement. 

As long as the part number is a direct match, this is a compatible replacement for your sand filter. Due to the highly customized nature of these parts, there is not cross-compatibility. 

Do you have a burning question about the Carvin/Jacuzzi® 39258800R DVK-6 Multiport Valve Kit? Let us know! Our experienced staff of pool professionals always look forward to interacting with our customers and sharing their hard-earned experience in the spa field.

Cleaner, debris-free hot tub experiences are coming your way. So why wait any longer? This incredible Carvin/Jacuzzi® 39258800R DVK-6 Multiport Valve Kit offer is a limited time deal and we'd love to get you yours at a great price before time runs out.

And before you mosey on with your new valve kit, there's one more deal on deck for you: Jacuzzi® buyers this month get access to our amazing slate of customer appreciation deals. These unique offers don't appear anywhere else! So why wait a second longer? Take a dip in the warm, welcoming waters of Wild West today! 

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