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CMP Delta UV Multi-Volt, Ballast Assembly E-20, E-40 | 70-10420

SKU: 70-10420
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SKU: 70-10420
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1 year warranty from the manufacturer
1 year warranty from the manufacturer

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MPN: 70-10420
SKU: 70-10420
Warranty: 1 year warranty from the manufacturer

Custom Molded Products Delta UV 70-10420 | Multi-Volt, Ballast Assembly E-20, E-40

THE NEWS YOU DIDN'T KNOW TO EXPECT: this replacement ballast assembly for your pool's UV filter is one of the top fixes for filter failures, and we've got it in stock now for a limited time offer of 15% off!

Unbelievable? Sure. Absolutely true? You got it! The Custom Molded Products Delta UV 70-10420 Ballast Assembly is easily one of the best ways to resolve issues with your UV filter. Don't let the idea of replacing your entire array of UV germicidal equipment drag you down! We commonly find that the diagnosis is fixed by replacing a burnt out ballast assembly, which is why we are committed to offering this part at a great price to make it accessible to our customers. 

Custom Molded Products Delta UV 70-10420 Ballast Assembly features:

  • Custom Molded Products, Product Number: 70-10420
  • 120/230 volt compatibility
  • 50/60hz support
  • 8" PVC housing with stainless steel inner and outer wrapper
  • Indoor/Outdoor installation ready
  • Dry Fire Protection

That sound about like what you're looking for? Then we'll cut to the chase: as long as we can keep our current stock of this ballast assembly available, we'll offer it to our customers for 15% off. Act now to make sure you can take advantage of this deal!

This electronic ballast replacement includes a one (1) year limited warranty from Custom Molded Products. For full details on support and claims, please check the included owner's manual.

More about the Custom Molded Products Delta UV 70-10420 Ballast Assembly:
This ballast assembly safely provides the power required to run your UV germicidal filter. UV filtration is a non-chemical solution for making pools safe for human use. When they fail they may make the pool unusable for those sensitive to higher levels of sanitizing chemicals. Many swimmers experience dry eyes, peeling skin, and other issues due to prolonged exposure to traditional pool cleaning methods.

Often, the failure point is the electric ballast assembly, rather than the UV assembly itself. This replacement ballast assembly has a joint PVC and stainless steel construction built to last in the demanding moisture environment of your pool, greatly increasing the operational life of your UV filter.

Have any questions or comments on replacing your CMS electronic ballast? Our pool specialists are always ready to help with any concerns you may have!

A cleaner, safer swimming experience awaits. So don't sit on this deal! This amazing 10% discount offer on the Custom Molded Products Delta UV 70-10420 Ballast Assembly is a limited offer! 

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