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Custom Molded Products Multi-Volt, Ballast E-5, E-10 | 70-10405

SKU: 70-10405
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SKU: 70-10405
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1 year warranty from the manufacturer
1 year warranty from the manufacturer

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SKU: 70-10405
Warranty: 1 year warranty from the manufacturer

Custom Molded Products 70-10405 Multi-Volt, Ballast E-5, E-10 

EXCELLENT NEWS: this ballast assembly might be the best option currently on the market, and we have it for 10% off (with free shipping in Continental US)!

Yeah, we went there! The Custom Molded Products 70-10405 Ballast Assembly 120/230 Volt is the perfect way to solve power issues with your pool's UV filter. We make sure to keep this part in stock so our customers can solve their filter problem directly, rather than replacing the entire filter -- and that's why we've decided to offer it at such a great price, too.

Custom Molded Products 70-10405 Ballast Assembly 120/230 Volt features:

  • Custom Molded Products, Product Number: 70-10405
  • 120/230 volt compatibility
  • 50/60hz fully supported
  • Combination PVC and stainless steel housing
  • Indoor/outdoor safe
  • Certified for dry fire protection

If that reads like the replacement ballast assembly you're looking for, then how about we look at that discount? Again, that's a cool 10% off the popular and dependable Custom Molded Products 70-10405 Ballast Assembly, and the offer stands as long as we can keep it in stock. 

This electronic ballast has a one (1) year limited warranty from Custom Molded Products. Check with them or consult the included owner's manual to learn more about this high level of coverage. 

More about the Custom Molded Products 70-10405 Ballast Assembly:
This ballast assembly is engineered to handle the rigorous setting of powering a pool UV filter. That means both providing the perfect, safest amount of power to the UV lamp itself, and doing it in a certified safe way as supported by the combination PVC and stainless steel housing.

That means the fire risk is nearly non-existent as a power supply can be, and it's particularly engineered to handle usage in pools, a notoriously demanding setting for electronic components.

Your UV filter is a crucial part of your pool, preventing the eye and skin irritation that exclusively relying on traditional pool sterilization methods so often leads to. This CMS ballast will return your UV equipment to full working order for years to come.  

Do you need help installing or maintaining your Custom Molded Products 70-10405 Ballast Assembly? That's what we're here for! Contact us and we'll provide some sage professional advice. 

Clean and fresh pool experiences are in your future. This widely praised ballast assembly is already leaving our warehouse fast, so get yours soon!

And if that great discount wasn't enough, we have one more incentive for all Custom Molded Products buyers. So dive in to Wild West Pool Supplies, where the water is always cool and clear!

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